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GoGuardian Admin Announces Protection for Any Device, Any Browser and Any Operating System

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GoGuardian, a leading education technology SaaS provider, today announced the protection of any device, operating system and browser with GoGuardian Admin. GoGuardian’s single filtering solution has the ability to support the most complex technology environment in schools—whether it’s a student network requiring granular filtering and reporting, a guest, or lab network—all is covered, simply and effectively.

Today’s K-12 schools need to manage various technology devices, networks and operating systems. The diversity of these technologies allows different classes, grade levels and buildings to support online accessibility in the most applicable way for their school population. However, this can also require multiple layers of technology to support and protect each device and network from internet risks and distractions.

Already trusted by over 10,000 schools, GoGuardian Admin provides full flexibility for schools’ policies while drastically reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance. The newest version of GoGuardian Admin has been designed to solve schools’ complex needs by providing a multi-layered content filtering solution and seamless installation with a single, unified interface that cuts down critical management time and cost.

“In this digital classroom era, it’s become even more essential to provide a learning experience with complete confidence that all on-campus devices can connect to the internet easily and safely,” said Tyler Shaddix, chief product officer at GoGuardian. “The complexity of devices between grades, classrooms and buildings has required increased management and configuration time from Admins. Starting today, GoGuardian Admin simplifies any school’s filtering process, regardless of its technology ecosystem.”

In addition, GoGuardian Admin customers will have the opportunity to deploy Beacon Starter within Admin to help support their schools’ suicide prevention programs at no additional cost. Beacon Starter detects online suicide planning activity and notifies the designated school responders so that they can quickly intervene and provide support. The complimentary addition of Beacon to all Admin customers underscores GoGuardian’s commitment to meaningfully address the U.S.’s public health suicide crisis, which has become the second-leading cause of death for those aged 10-24.

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