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GSE Delivers SaaS Workforce Development Solution To Major Energy Company in Canada

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GSE Systems, Inc. (“GSE Solutions” or “GSE”) (Nasdaq: GVP), a leader in delivering and supporting engineering, compliance, simulation, training and workforce solutions to the power and process industries, today announced that a major energy company in Canada has contracted with GSE to upgrade their on-premises training platform to the new EnVision software as a Service (SaaS) subscription solution, which includes ten comprehensive operational courses.

EnVision is a cloud-based workforce development solution used by more than 12,000 people around the world, allowing them to learn and train on critical operations anytime, anywhere. EnVision combines computer-based tutorials with high-fidelity simulation models for industry and academic institutions to safely teach operating fundamentals in addition to specialized operational skills.

“EnVision allows us to provide operators with top-quality technical training, wherever and whenever it’s needed,” said Gill Grady, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development at GSE Solutions. “The EnVision SaaS model means lower infrastructure investment and the ability to access training from any computer, not just dedicated in-person learning centers.”

“We are confident that this long-time customer will derive tremendous value from their EnVision On-Demand cloud-based subscription,” added Kyle Loudermilk, President and CEO of GSE Solutions. “The conversion of a perpetual license to a SaaS subscription is a win-win for the customer and GSE. With the SaaS solution, all the customer needs are a browser and internet connectivity to benefit from this state-of-art workforce development solution. From fundamentals through unit operations, EnVision provides access to rich learning content to plant operators, engineers, and management with the added benefit of cloud delivery to simplify their learning operation.”


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