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Hospitality Analytics: Can Data and Analytics Help the Hospitality Industry Recover From the Crisis? | Experts at Quantzig Share Their Thoughts in Their Recent Article

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With rapid advancements in digital technologies and analytics driving value and redesigning processes in the hospitality industry, premier analytics service provider Quantzig shares its thoughts on how business leaders are profiting from the change in its recent article.

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Request for more information to access the complete list of applications (Graphic: Business Wire)

Request for more information to access the complete list of applications (Graphic: Business Wire)

Digital disruptions have driven significant advancements across industries over the past 20 years, and the travel industry is no exception. These technologies and the companies that offer them have played a crucial role in reforming processes and in introducing more complexity into the value chain between travelers and destinations. More recently, due to the pandemic outbreak, the global hospitality industry witnessed a steep decline in revenue. With shifts in consumer patterns impacting growth in the next few years, businesses are now turning towards analytics and AI to make the most of the current possibilities. Though many hospitality companies are still in the nascent stage of the analytics maturity curve, many have started focusing on developing the advanced analytics capabilities necessary to capture the full potential of data. Access the complete list of applications of data and analytics in the hospitality industry here:

Did you know? In-depth customer insights generated through effective use of data and analytics are leading to improved customer satisfaction, an unforgettable experience, and thereby increased profits in the hospitality industry. Hence, the ability to leverage quantitative data for decision-making is becoming a key differentiator in the hospitality industry.

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Hospitality analytics will redefine how data is used to offer personalized services post the crisis

With advances in artificial intelligence and analytics, giving rise to ground-breaking results, hospitality companies will be able to create unique offers and experiences in real-time that appeal to the individual needs and desires of its customers. At the same time, leading companies in the hospitality industry have already begun deploying new technologies and AI in pilot projects. We expect the experimentation and rapid prototyping to continue as new technologies mature, bringing in newer opportunities to drive profitable growth post the crisis.

For businesses in the hospitality sector, advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and video analytics will continue to open many new opportunities in the ‘new normal’ where data will play a crucial role in decision-making. Contact us to learn how we help businesses capitalize on data.

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