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How is VdoCipher Powering Video Platforms Across 40+ Countries by Curbing Piracy?

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VdoCipher, an innovative video tech startup is helping businesses and institutes across 40+ countries to prevent revenue loss incurred due to video piracy. VdoCipher provides a secure video hosting solution for education and media platforms which ensures highly secure and smooth video playback on websites and apps.

The encryption protocols used by VdoCipher are the same as used by the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime to secure their Hollywood content. VdoCipher is also a direct Google partner for the major encryption technology called Widevine DRM and has helped over 2000+ platforms to secure their videos from piracy.

Piracy Problem of Millions

Video Piracy is a huge concern for content creators across the globe, with the pandemic only making it worse. A study on video piracy suggests that over 110 Million users across the globe are using video download piracy tools. The revenue loss due to video piracy is estimated to hit $67 billion worldwide by 2023.

How is VdoCipher solving the video piracy issue?

VdoCipher addresses this problem of video piracy with its secure video hosting solution, thus, ensuring the highest security for its customers content from video piracy and helping them protect their video revenues. VdoCipher’s video hosting services include:

  • A combination of Hollywood Grade Video DRM Encryption Security, Dynamic Watermarking, Packaged Cloud Hosted and Smart Video player: Package ensures high video security with easy, affordable integrations for video platforms.
  • VdoCipher already serves 2000+ e-learning and media platforms from 40+ countries, covering customers across each of 6 continents. Many large e-learning and media platforms with millions of viewers rely on VdoCipher for security from video piracy.
  • Built for all sizes – VdoCipher caters to businesses of any size. A single teacher owning a website to a large edtech/movie platform with millions of users, everybody can have access to a secure product.
  • VdoCipher offers a free 30-day full version trial of the product.
  • Global Recognition – VdoCipher has won several global awards for its security solution. European magazine Streaming Media Global ranked VdoCipher as the best video security (DRM) company.

Driving Growth for Customers

VdoCipher has seen impressive annual growth and most of their customers have seen their usage and users increase considerably year on year. For instance, on average; customers who started using VdoCipher in 2018 saw an average annual growth of 94.3%.


VdoCipher, with its video platform, is actively looking to partner with LMS (Learning Management System) companies, Media Solutions Providers and Website/App builders across the globe to serve common customers and increase the value created for businesses.

Future Plans

Explaining the future plans, Siddhant was optimistic about reaching more customers from USA and Europe. Siddhant says –

We are not just about security as we also have an integrated player and video hosting offering. We plan to work and deliver more innovative features on the interactive video player, analytics and live streaming in the future.