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Hungryroot Pioneers a New Category of Personalized Online Grocery Amid Brand Refresh

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Today, Hungryroot is excited to announce its repositioning as the first and only personalized online grocery service that makes it easy to eat well—and feel great—every day.

As part of the brand refresh, Hungryroot will now be adding emerging food brands to its product and recipe offerings, in addition to an enhanced customer experience. These changes fall on the heels of a recent study where customers expressed interest in expanded product variety and more robust recipe offerings, along with an upgraded digital platform.

“The two main problems with in-store and online grocery: the experience isn’t personal and the amount of product and brand offerings are just too overwhelming for consumers,” says CEO and Founder of Hungryroot, Ben McKean. “At Hungryroot, we’re creating a new category in the DTC space by bridging the gap between the broken in-store and online grocery experience, with an added emphasis on personalization. As a result, we’re taking on Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, and other competitors to offer consumers a more convenient and modern way to shop for healthy groceries – no trip to the store, meal planning, or prep work necessary, giving customers more time back in their day.”

To provide increased variety, Hungryroot will now feature an assortment of product offerings in its weekly deliveries from brands including, RightRice, Beyond Meat, Banza, Freshe, and Ozery. Its food partners will make up about 30% of its weekly product offerings, in addition to a variety of seasonal and nutrient-dense Hungryroot products which will make up the other 70%.

Other brands rolling out into Hungryroot’s online grocery service in the coming weeks include Field Roast, Kite Hill, Hail Merry, Yves, Perfectly Peckish, Angelic Bakehouse, Maya Kaimal, Maria Ricardo and more. These partners were curated by Hungryroot to ensure each brand is aligned with the company’s overall mission and meet the criteria of offering high quality, healthy, and convenient products to consumers.

“We’re thrilled Hungryroot chose RightRice as one of the first featured products in their personalized online grocery service,” says Keith Belling, founder of RightRice and popchips. “Their mission of creating delicious, nutritious and convenient product offerings resonated with us at RightRice, and we’re excited to share our protein-packed vegetable rice grain with Hungryroot’s growing customer base. We look forward to leveraging Hungryroot’s DTC service to test product innovation and learn even more about our customers.”

As part of the repositioning, Hungryroot is also introducing a revamped, customer-centric digital experience including a redesigned survey allowing customers to select their food preferences, dietary restrictions, and how often they’d like to receive an item for enhanced personalization in each delivery.

From there, Hungryroot’s proprietary algorithm builds a personalized order optimized for customers’ food preferences based on survey findings and inventory allocation. With this algorithm, Hungryroot is able to ensure an effortless and tailored customer experience by meeting the expectations of customers, while managing a nationwide fresh food supply chain.

“We’re always looking to meet the demands of our current and potential customers,” adds Ben McKean. “With other grocery experiences, consumers have to shop or scroll through thousands of food options and brands to find the product that’s best for them, and then learn how to cook with the product. Through our online grocery service and personalization algorithm, consumers will instead receive a weekly delivery of healthy food options and recipes specifically customized to their personal preferences.”

As part of the brand refresh, Hungryroot’s website will now feature a more streamlined design and user-friendly format to easily showcase its rotating assortment of healthy product offerings. Additionally, the company will be introducing a larger collection of 10-minute-and-under recipes featuring a combination of Hungryroot offerings and products from its food partners.

Hungryroot is also rolling out new advertising and marketing creative around its tagline “Love your groceries.” The new creative will live on the website, as well as on digital and social platforms to share the brand story and speak directly to their target demographic: consumers who are committed to fitting healthy eating into their hectic lifestyles.

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About Hungryroot

Hungryroot first launched in 2015 to make healthy living easier. Now four years later, with over 100 product offerings including products from emerging food brands, Hungryroot is the first personalized grocery service of its kind that makes it easy to eat well—and feel great—every day.

Customers share their food needs and receive personalized weekly deliveries of healthy groceries along with 10-minute recipes to make fresh, delicious meals. All of Hungryroot’s deliveries are nutrient-dense and tailored to a variety of diets and food needs including vegan, vegetarian, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, pescatarian, tree-nut free, peanut-free, and egg-free.

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About RightRice®

popchips founder and former CEO Keith Belling loved rice, except for the empty calories and all the carbs. That’s what inspired him to create RightRice, a tasty new rice grain that’s made from vegetables. RightRice is a complete, plant-based protein that’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook. Every bowl of RightRice has more than double the protein, five times the fiber, and almost 40% fewer net carbs than a bowl of white rice. RightRice soaks up your favorite flavors and sauces, and anything you can cook with rice, you can cook with RightRice. Original RightRice is ready to season your own way, or for a delicious, already seasoned option, try one of our five flavors, including Lemon Pepper, Spanish, Garlic Herb, Thai Curry, and Cilantro Lime.

All of RightRice’s products are non-GMO, vegan and a complete source of protein, with a low glycemic index. RightRice is available nationwide in Whole Foods Market along with Kroger stores and banners, other leading retailers, and on RightRice launched in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

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