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HVR Partners with Tableau to Deliver Freshest, Fastest and Most Accurate Data Possible for Real-Time Analytics

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HVR, the leading independent provider of real-time cloud data replication technology, today announced a partnership with Tableau Software, the leading analytics platform. Together, the two companies will provide businesses with powerful access to accurate, secure, real-time data to power their business intelligence (BI) analytics and reporting.

With this partnership, HVR enables customers to integrate the complex data that powers Tableau’s interactive analytics platform in real-time from multiple on-premise and cloud-based sources. HVR continuously moves large volumes of data quickly, making it available for Tableau users to curate and analyze current data, uncovering insights that guide more informed business decisions.

Benefits of the partnership include:

  • Real-time BI for data-driven business decisions: Interactive, visual analytics is based on the freshest data possible, with data captured in real-time through low-latency log-based CDC from a variety of sources.
  • Security: HVR is unique in that it helps prevent vulnerabilities when passing data to the cloud from multiple on-premises sources by only requiring the firewall to be opened in one direction, through the use of a gatekeeping proxy. Compression, encryption and two-factor authentication provide additional security as data moves from multiple sources to Tableau.
  • Reliability: HVR’s Compare, a data validation function, helps Tableau users trust the data they consume.
  • Scalability: HVR’s flexible architecture delivers comprehensive and scalable functionality while Tableau can be deployed anywhere the customer chooses. This delivers a dependable, scalable solution that grows along with organizational needs.
  • Freedom of choice: HVR supports many different systems with a growing number of partnerships, including Tableau, providing customers with continuously updated data in complex environments.

“Our partnership with Tableau is the result of our longstanding commitment to provide customers with the flexibility to choose the best technology to support their business,” said Mark Van de Wiel, Chief Technology Officer for HVR. “Tableau’s customers will benefit from our log-based CDC capabilities, which provide increased efficiency and real-time access to consolidated data in an analytical data store. Also, with our new Live Compare feature, users can be sure that the data being sent by HVR is up-to-date with the information they need for informed BI that drives business.”

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HVR provides a real-time cloud data replication solution that supports enterprise modernization efforts. The HVR platform is a reliable, secure, and scalable way to quickly and efficiently integrate large data volumes in complex environments, enabling real-time data updates, access, and analysis. Global market leaders in a variety of industries trust HVR to address their real-time data integration challenges and revolutionize their businesses. HVR is a privately held company based in San Francisco, with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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