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Infotech Announces Talent Growth Milestone, Reaches 300 Employees

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Infotech, a leader in infrastructure construction software solutions and expert statistical and econometric consulting services, announced today it reached a growth milestone of 300 employees. This milestone is a direct result of the company’s strategic business opportunities and an increased focus on talent investments to support sustained growth.

In 2017, Infotech set out on a three-year roadmap toward sustained investment in talent and open innovation. To support this, the company completed a reorganization, establishing two core business: Infotech Systems and Infotech Consulting. The foundation for this reorganization was the crystallization of the company’s five-year vision and a commitment to responsible growth.

“We call our employees family, not for recruiting or for branding, but because we mean it. When I started this company in my garage over 40 years ago, I could never have imagined that our family would grow this large and this full of talent,” Dr. Jim McClave, Infotech Co-CEO and Founder, said. “We reached 100 employees in 2007 – to now have tripled that number is truly remarkable.”

Infotech’s talent branding and initiatives stem from the company’s commitment to staying true to its people-centric promise, while building intentional programs and processes that can scale. By not taking for granted the high retention rate of employees, Infotech has strengthened employee engagement and created human-centered programs to move the company forward. With a year-over-year retention rate of more than 95 percent and an average tenure of 10 years, Infotech has been able to maintain its culture through this unprecedented growth period.

“In 2019 alone we welcomed 50 new members to our family, a growth rate in people of 15 percent,” Tara Blythe, Info Tech Vice President of Talent, Strategy and Communication, said. “We believe in investing in people and pride ourselves on building long-lasting, authentic relationships and treating people right. We prioritize people and trust them to help us achieve our goals.”

Infotech’s recent employee investments include:

  • Profit sharing: Between 2017 – 2019, Infotech shared approximately 40 percent of total profits with employees.
  • ITI Ventures: In 2019, Infotech launched a new program, ITI Ventures, making talent investments in local startups while concurrently growing our talent skills sets.
  • Valuing All People: Infotech believes inclusion is a business imperative and is proud to have been awarded the first Greater Gainesville Chamber award for Diversity and Inclusion in December 2019.
  • Professional Development: In 2019, Infotech invested approximately $1.4 million in professional development opportunities for its employees and $700,000 on employee innovation time through the company’s annual hackathons and similar programs.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth throughout our history, undoubtedly because of the people we have working for us and with us,” Tom Rothrock, Infotech Co-CEO, said. “As we look at the next 40 years of investing in our family of employees, I’m proud of what the future landscape looks like for both our Consulting and Systems businesses.”

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