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Innovusion Announces Its High-Resolution Image-Grade LiDAR System “Cheetah”, Enabling the Safest Performance in the Vehicle Mobility Industry

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Innovusion Inc., the worldwide leader in the design and development of
innovative hybrid Solid State LiDAR systems for vehicle safety
applications, has announced the availability of its Cheetah system.
Based on its innovative rotating polygon optical architecture,
Innovusion has melded together proprietary detector electronics,
advanced optics and sophisticated software algorithms to offer a system
that has no equal in the long-distance, high-resolution LiDAR vehicle
mobility system industry.

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Innovusion's Cheetah long-distance LiDAR System...the safest in the mobility safety industry (Graphi ...

Innovusion’s Cheetah long-distance LiDAR System…the safest in the mobility safety industry (Graphic: Business Wire)

Smart architecture, streamlined optics design, and integrated optical
paths result in rapid manufacturing, scalability into automotive
production, and lower cost. The ability to provide a detection range of
200 meters on objects with 10% reflectivity and clearly detecting
objects out to 280 meters, provides the best and most advanced
notification available today, creating more reaction time for the
vehicle to determine the best course of action resulting in optimum
safety performance. The system achieves picture-like imaging due to its
high number of vertical and horizontal scanning lines covering the
entire field of view. Every object is represented by an exceptionally
dense point cloud, resulting in optimum safety through the ability to
not miss important objects in the field of view. Because Cheetah’s
exceptional image quality, its point cloud is especially suitable for
fusing with camera data in the pixel level, producing a rich data set
resulting in groundbreaking reliable object detection and
classification. Based on its superior performance enabled by the
innovative rotating polygon approach, unique detector electronics and
proprietary algorithms, the Cheetah platform is ideal for safety system
architects as the main perception sensor for L3+ autonomous vehicles,
thus reducing the need for multiple LiDAR systems.

Key specifications of the Cheetah system include a screen resolution of
300 vertical pixels, while simultaneously maintaining a frame rate of
10Hz. Picture like resolution is achieved though its 0.13-degree
resolution over its 40-degree vertical FOV, and 0.14-degree resolution
over its 100-degree horizontal FOV. Because of the efficient rotating
polygon architecture, Cheetah draws under 40W, making it the most energy
efficient system of any high- performance LiDAR currently available. The
Cheetah LiDAR platform is miniature and robust with the sensor head
dimension measuring 112 mm (h) x 145 mm (w) x 105 mm(d), with a roadmap
to substantially reduce the future footprint and formfactor.

Dr. Junwei Bao, Innovusion CEO said, “Our technology strategy was to
create the Cheetah platform using a judicious combination of mature
industry-proven technology combined with innovative in-house optical and
systems expertise to be able to optimize the price/performance and
manufacturability of the resulting solution. Our team of innovative and
highly-skilled precision optical system designers created the industry’s
first Image grade high performance polygon-based solution that is robust
enough for the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. We
knew early on in order to build the safest mobility system possible, we
needed to utilize 1550nm laser combined with a large aperture polygon to
achieve the best possible distance and resolution thus maximizing
reliability and safety. We believe that Cheetah delivers picture-like
images and the best price/performance offering in the industry today
which we are confident will result in its rapid adoption in the

Applications include vehicle safety systems, autonomous vehicle systems
and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) for automobiles, trucks, buses, trains
and off-road vehicles.

Single unit price is $35,000 for small quantities.


Innovusion Inc., a private company, was founded in 2016 and is
headquartered in Los Altos, California. It is the world’s leader in
image-quality, long-distance LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
systems. Its first product, Cheetah, employs its proprietary innovative
reliable dual rotating polygon design which enables the world’s safest
solution for Level 3+ Autonomous Driving Systems for vehicle mobility
applications. It successfully concluded its A Round funding of $30 M in
Summer 2018. Please visit us on the web at