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Inteliquet Achieves Milestone in Modernizing Patient Recruitment For Clinical Trials: 250 Digitized Trials Enabling 1000 Patients to be Identified for Clinical Trials

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Inteliquet, a leading provider of intelligent technology, insights and services for optimizing clinical trials and research, has reached a significant milestone. Working in close collaboration with cancer centers in its Clinical Consortium, Inteliquet has digitized more than 250 clinical trial protocols and proactively identified 1000 patients eligible for participation in oncology clinical trials. This led directly to the enrollment of 834 patients in clinical trials that they otherwise would have missed.

Despite deceptively few patients being required for many clinical trials, recruitment has continued to be an expensive and tenacious roadblock. In the U.S., an estimated 80 percent of research studies do not complete enrollment on time because they are unable to recruit enough patients. The Inteliquet milestone validates a new approach to clinical trial patient recruitment, and the critical mass of patients identified by Inteliquet creates powerful opportunities to accelerate clinical trials, fuel sustainable research and help bring new therapies to market more efficiently. It also provides patients and physicians with access to more care options. The organization credits this significant momentum to a steadfast focus on its strategy, its advanced clinical trial matching technology platform, consortium participants, data quality process and expert clinical services.

Inteliquet also welcomes industry veteran Marie E. Lamont as Interim President and COO. Lamont was formerly President of the Patient Services Business Unit at Dolman Life Science Services, a commercial services provider to the life sciences industry. Prior to that she was an executive at Genzyme where she served in multiple senior roles, including Global Head of Business Strategy & Commercial Operations for the Rare Diseases Division. As part of her role, Lamont will step into the responsibilities formerly taken up by Carla Balch who left the company to pursue other opportunities.

“The importance of this milestone is only partly the number of digitized trials. Even more important is what that enables—a significant number of patients identified for clinical research who may have otherwise been missed,” said Lamont. “The milestone also represents the tremendous collaboration we have facilitated amongst treating oncologists, clinical trial sites, sponsors and CROs around conducting more efficient feasibility studies, identifying cohorts to select more optimal sites upfront, and ultimately helping to improve progression free survival.”

With combination therapies in oncology and more complex clinical trials increasingly becoming the norm, life science companies and CROs are faced with increased pressure to find sites that will support achieving predictable and speedy trial recruitment. Legacy tools suited to a previous era of clinical trials are proving inadequate. At the same time, elite status among cancer centers has been traditionally defined by the number of trials already underway at the institution and the number of patients available to participate in those trials. But new digital tools can facilitate breakthroughs in trial recruitment at institutions that outpace their peers with a digital mindset.

Inteliquet’s new approach to clinical trials rises to the challenges of more complex science. Its software platform digitizes inclusion/exclusion criteria to match a vast array of criteria, including key biomarkers, lab results, and other critical treatment details. It also parses out and identifies the exact, individual patient using nearly 200 molecular biomarkers, as well as multiple cancer episodes, staging information, medical history and ECOG performance status. Inteliquet’s clinical engagement experts work side-by-side with sites to ensure optimal success with the platform and support enrollment efforts.

“Technology is making it significantly more efficient for centers to join a new, advanced approach to clinical trials and become a destination for next-generation sponsored trials,” Lamont said. “The extensive data we were able to provide on each of the patients we identified helped treating oncologists and trial administrators see them more clearly and make plans with greater certainty. That in turn helps clinical trials advance at a rate not previously possible.”

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