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Iowa State Bank Engages 360 View to Establish their Customer Relationship Management Platform

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360 View, a trusted provider of customer relationship management technology specifically for banks and credit unions, announced today that Iowa State Bank of Des Moines will be implementing the 360 View growth platform to enhance and expand its commitment to valued and meaningful customer relationships.

Motivated by growth, Iowa State Bank is deploying 360 View throughout the organization. The 360 View CRM is offering support in the commercial, trust, and retail business lines. It is impacting business development from several angles including improving referral tracking and call reporting, offering mobile access for staff who travel, and providing seamless Outlook integration. Add streamlining for loan tracking and processing through its pipeline feature and 360 View impacts the every-day job of every team member.

Through experience at a variety of Iowa banks, Nate Johnson, VP Commercial Lender & Business Development Officer, knows the imperative nature of a good CRM system. He says using 360 View will emphasize this: “For instance, I’m a commercial lender, and I have a commercial book of business that I need to continue to grow. It’s great that I can use an integrated workflow with our loan administration department to best improve our internal processes. It’s fabulous. The possibilities are endless.”

Iowa State Bank has been exclusively serving the Des Moines area for approximately 75 years. Marked by many long-standing relationships and assets of $400 million, it is a smaller bank with big-bank capabilities. With client relationships like that, pushing sales is not a favored approach, so a clearer view of the customer coupled with precision use of that data is another way 360 View offers a perfectly suited solution.

In the search for the best CRM partner, Iowa State Bank searched for a provider with proven experience in financial services and a market focus in the community bank sector. 360 View, created by bankers for bankers, met all the demands. Its enterprise-wide solution along with a user-friendly interface offered the bank an opportunity for a full rollout across the organization, while avoiding the expensive modularized product approach of many competitors.

“It’s putting information at your fingertips, and honestly, that’s invaluable. Ultimately, you’re looking to grow your organization. Iowa State Bank doesn’t want to be a product pusher; they want to be able to provide consultation and add true value in offering additional services,” explained David Acevedo, SVP and National Sales Director of 360View. “We are thrilled to help Iowa State Bank proceed to the next level in efficient and effective relationship management. Clearly they understand how to foster long-term relationships. 360 View is going to help them continue to do what they do so well, only more efficiently, consistently, and with new information to help spearhead meaningful change.”

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About Iowa State Bank

Iowa State Bank is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa and has been serving the area for 75 years as its premier community bank. The bank is dedicated to its accessible size and to remaining independent, intending that customers will genuinely experience the bank’s motto, “It’s Nice to be Home.”

About 360 View

360 View is the growth platform developed for banks and credit unions, providing all the tools necessary to maximize their team’s performance. The solution goes beyond CRM, allowing the user to automate marketing campaigns, use analytics to capitalize on cross-sell opportunities and track goals and incentives, all while providing richer relational experiences that are personalized to every customer’s unique needs. 360 View was developed by bankers specifically for financial institutions and has been serving the financial community since 2001. 360 View was recently named in the Top 10 Customer Experience Solution Providers by Banking CIO Outlook.