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IpLContent Technologies Make Online Brand Building Easier and Cheaper

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Conventional advertising companies, such as WPP PLC, are struggling mightily in the wake of companies like Google and Facebook. One way to fight back is with short-form media using platforms provided by companies like Instagram, Snapchat, and the soon-to-be-launched Quibi. But the challenge to generate content that speaks to customers effectively, personally, and inexpensively still remains.

IpLContent, an affiliate of IpLearn, presents its patented technology to efficiently aggregate and modify contents for targeted audience using their mobile devices. To illustrate, assume a customer is interested in a story. Based on the customer’s profile, a company using the technology could automatically present on her mobile phone a selection of pre-made contents, modified based on information from the customer’s social networks, such as comments from her friends, photos from her social media, and local news. See IpLearn’s website for a more fully illustrated example, and our recently issued US patent 10,606,346.

IpLContent’s technology generates the customer’s profile for the company on the customer’s mobile device itself, allowing the company to access information from many sources in the device. Based on the profile, materials from the customer’s Facebook, Instagram, demographic information, and other available channels can be paired with the professionally generated pre-made contents to create a specially tailored viewing experience.

For example, suppose a young customer using her phone visits Nike’s Instagram page to see their recent posts. She selects a post on marathons. Based on her profile created for Nike, a number of related articles are presented. From those articles, she selects a video about a recently successful marathon runner. As she watches the video, an advertisement on Nike’s Air Zoom line of trail running shoes plays. The ad is specifically chosen because many of her friends in her social networks recently have viewed the same advertisement. What’s more, IpLContent’s technology can digitally modify the video in subtle ways in her mobile phone; while she sees the marathon runner in the video with Nike’s Air Zoom line, another user watching the video might see the same model wearing the Nike Varsity Compete TR 2.

With these patented technologies and more, IpLContent continues to lead in development of market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.