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IpLearn Introduces Formatting for Adjustable Screens

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Are flip phones making a comeback? Well, not quite. The market of mobile devices is expanding once again on the waves of foldable displays: screens that can literally fold and open to double a device’s display size. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, a quick-selling pioneer in this market, has increased their 2020 target sales from five to six million phones, while high demand for Motorola’s Razr foldable has put further sales on hold.

When you unfold a foldable phone, what you see on the screen needs to transition smoothly. Not just foldable phones—current phones changing from landscape to portrait mode have the same challenge, as recently disclosed by Quibi. But what if your device, like so many on the market, also features imaging technology to allow for facial recognition or gesture sensing control?

IpLearn’s patent (US Patent 10,503,812, titled “Method and Apparatus for Materials in Different Screen Sizes Using an Imaging Sensor”) coordinates these functions for a user-friendly mobile experience.

Suppose, after using gesture sensing to finish a call with a colleague, you continue reading the document she just sent you. When you unfold your screen of text and images for a larger display, IpLearn’s patented formatting technology ensures that the text and images are kept in their rightful place.

Now suppose after unlocking your phone with facial recognition, you return to the video you were watching but prefer to change from portrait to landscape mode. When you shift the modes, IpLearn’s technology ensures the video and associated captions are transitioned seamlessly.

Jeffrey Katzenburg and Meg Whitman’s new app demonstrates the importance of such technologies. Quibi, a new streaming service specifically for mobile devices, shows off their most unique feature, “Turnstyle,” which shifts a video smoothly from portrait to landscape and back again. This technology is essential to realize Whitman’s goal of making Quibi “the very first entertainment technology platform optimized for mobile viewing.”

Customers are eager for a mobile phone that can do it all, and IpLearn strives not only to make these features possible, but streamlined and user-friendly. With these patented technologies and more, IpLearn continues to lead in development of market-driven ideas and user-friendly technologies.