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JASK Delivers Enhanced Cloud Workload Traffic Security Visibility with Amazon Web Services

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JASK, the provider of the industry’s cloud-native SIEM platform, today announced its support for the launch of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows customers to gain insight into the network traffic across their Amazon VPC infrastructure for content inspection and threat monitoring. JASK participated in the Amazon VPC traffic mirroring beta program and now supports it natively in its cloud-native SIEM.

The JASK Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform fully leverages the elastic capabilities of AWS, such as horizontal-scaling data ingestion pipelines, to ensure it scales to handle any data volume that customers desire. Direct support for Amazon VPC traffic mirroring deepens the native capability of JASK ASOC to ingest, aggregate and analyze the diverse AWS ecosystem for investigation and identification of threats and risks as part of JASK Insights. Additional support includes AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, and Amazon VPC flow logs.

“The modern SOC needs visibility into on-premises and cloud workload traffic,” said Rob Fry, CTO at JASK. “A security analyst needs to see network data throughout the OSI model to get a clear picture of the implications of a threat or ongoing attack. JASK ASOC includes network, log and Windows sensors, as well as support for cloud-to-cloud ingestion. With Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, AWS continues as a dominant innovator in the cloud space by providing customers the value of network traffic visibility in the cloud, which makes our direct support in JASK ASOC so important.”

Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, in combination with AWS PrivateLink and Amazon VPC peering, is a powerful addition to existing JASK ingestion capabilities by providing customers increased visibility into their cloud infrastructures. For more perspective on JASK’s support for Amazon VPC traffic mirroring and the benefits to security operations teams, please read the blog post published here

To see a demonstration of Amazon VPC traffic mirroring within JASK ASOC, please contact us at

About JASK

JASK is modernizing security operations by delivering an advanced SIEM platform that provides better visibility, better automation and a better architecture. Built on cloud-native technologies, the JASK ASOC platform streamlines security analyst workflows by automating many of the repetitive tasks that restrict productivity, freeing them for higher-value roles like threat hunting and vulnerability management, while addressing the escalating talent shortage.