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Jesta Announces Vision Suite 20.0, a Major Release Involving Upgrades to All Products

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Jesta I.S. Inc., a global leader in integrated ERP solutions for
wholesalers and omnichannel retailers, has announced a major upgrade to
its Vision Suite, a powerful end-to-end platform designed for the entire
supply chain. The Suite includes Vision Sourcing & Demand for
wholesalers and distributors, Vision Merchandising for retailers’ head
office operations, Vision Store for omnichannel e-commerce, and Vision
Analytics for actionable analytics and business intelligence.

The newest version of the Vision Suite includes multiple enhancements to
all its modules. Among the most notable is that the entire Suite is more
browser agnostic, certified on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. No
installation is required; patches and upgrades are fulfilled with no
user involvement. Vision Suite 20.0 is also mobile friendly making the
software accessible anywhere, anytime.

What’s more, Vision Suite 20.0 is cloud-ready. Users have the
flexibility to save all of their data and documents on a secure, remote
server thereby making them reachable anywhere, and easy to share with
colleagues, partners and other stakeholders.

Finally, all modules in Vision Suite 20.0 have been incorporated into
Jesta’s Vision Central Portal (VCP), a customizable widget-based
solution that functions as a single point of entry for all the Vision
Suite products. VCP comes equipped with a document hub that enables easy
exchange and collaboration, centralized image management, Answers for
real-time and ad-hoc reporting, Alerts for notifications and managing by
exception, and Job Scheduler for prioritizing when reports, queries and
other jobs should run.

“We’ve been investing heavily in product development, quality assurance
and internal processes to equip our customers with modern systems that
are high performing, reliable and flexible,’’ said Arvind Gupta,
President at Jesta I.S. “We are confident that Vision Suite 20.0 will
help our clients achieve omnichannel success at all stages of the supply
chain,” Mr. Gupta continued. “In addition to quick and easy access, and
faster processing times, it will help our customers reduce unnecessary
operational costs that will directly improve their bottom line.”

The launch of Vision Suite 20.0 is part of Jesta’s major upgrades to the
entire Vision Suite, which occur approximately every two years. Jesta
also delivers smaller, annual upgrades to its module bundles.

About Jesta I.S.: With more than 50 years in business, Jesta I.S.
is a global supplier of integrated software solutions for retailers,
wholesalers and brand manufacturers specializing in apparel, footwear,
housewares and electronics. Jesta’s Vision Suite is a modular platform
that helps simplify the omnichannel journey from PLM to POS. Customers
include Perry Ellis International, Puma, Harry Rosen, Genesco, Guess,
Designer Brands, Peter Harris Clothes, Cole Haan, Carter’s, Strategic
Partners, Stokes and more. For more information, visit