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Justuno Chooses YugabyteDB to Power Its Cloud Native AI Visitor Conversion Platform

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Yugabyte, the leader in open source distributed SQL databases, today announced that Justuno has selected YugabyteDB as its database of choice for its visitor conversion platform. After previously using a variety of databases including Microsoft SQL Server and CockroachDB, Justuno selected Yugabyte’s distributed SQL database for its simplified, on-demand scalability, low latency reads, and robust open source features to power its SaaS conversion optimization solution.

“Justuno delivers incredible value to more than 188,000 e-commerce websites, and in doing so, it puts major demands on our data platform. We store a massive amount of data, and our database needs to be able to handle a high level of operations per second with almost zero latency so that we can serve personalized promotions to website visitors and optimize conversions for our customers,” said Travis Logan, CTO, Justuno. “YugabyteDB has the high performance and SQL features we need, while also making it easy to scale horizontally, which is essential for our business as we prepare for the holiday season (the busiest time for e-commerce merchants using Justuno).”

Justuno uses visitor intelligence data to surface deeper insights and deliver targeted on-site messaging designed to turn site visitors into customers. To deliver these insights, Justuno processes a massive amount of data, tracking between 30 and 50 data points per visitor such as time on site, products viewed, and items added to the shopping cart, to create relevant and personalized experiences for site visitors. To power its platform as it moved to a modern, cloud native architecture, Justuno needed a solution that could handle all these operations at very low latency. Justuno moved away from CockroachDB for YugabyteDB’s important SQL features like stored procedures and low latency with the ability to dramatically scale the amount of data being processed. Justuno also appreciated YugabyteDB’s flexible database features like open source backups.

“Justuno is doing very innovative things with data, analyzing billions of data points every day, and making intelligent visitor data instantly available to customers to help them improve sales and the customer experience at the same time,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO, Yugabyte. “Because customer data is on the line, scaling on demand using simple point-and-click operations while maintaining consistent performance is required, which makes YugabyteDB managed by the Yugabyte Platform a natural fit. We are delighted to have Justuno as a customer and partner in our mission to drive distributed SQL technology forward. Their success is our success, and we are honored to work with them.”

Justuno’s e-commerce customers regularly experience significant demand spikes, making it necessary for Justuno to quickly add or subtract nodes. The Yugabyte Platform is an all-in-one database solution with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface enabling point-and click administration for the Justuno team.

As a result of the implementation, Justuno was able to run the same workloads with YugabyteDB using only 30 percent of the nodes that were previously required. This resulted in significant cost savings in both infrastructure and operations. The lower TCO will continue as Justuno scales its business beyond 188,000+ customers. Resources required for tasks such as provisioning new servers have also been simplified thanks to the Yugabyte Platform, reducing the DevOps teams’ involvement to just a few clicks, allowing the Justuno team to spend more time on innovation and less on basic maintenance.

For further information on Justuno’s work with Yugabyte visit and join the session on Sept. 17 at 1 pm PT at the free Distributed SQL Virtual Summit. To learn more about Yugabyte, please visit, and join the conversation by following Yugabyte on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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