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LegitScript Waives Some Certification Fees to Help Telemedicine and Online Treatment Providers Meet Pandemic Demand

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LegitScript, the leader in merchant and product certification and monitoring in the e-commerce and payment sectors, is waiving expedited processing fees for eligible providers of telemedicine and online addiction treatment services who apply for LegitScript certification to help meet the surge in demand as a result of the global pandemic related to the novel coronavirus.

For many people in the US and around the world who are currently unable to visit their primary care doctor or counselor, telemedicine and online addiction treatment services are becoming a vital lifeline to receiving care. Online healthcare services can fill the gap for people who need medical consultations, counseling, or refills on prescriptions. Expedited processing for LegitScript certification helps to expedite the start of the review of a provider’s application.

LegitScript’s CEO, John Horton, said waiving fees for expedited processing of eligible applicants can help connect customers with trusted providers more quickly. “We hope this will make it faster for telemedicine and online addiction treatment providers to participate in the payments and internet ecosystems, and ultimately give patients more options to receive care, knowing that they can trust providers with the LegitScript seal.”

LegitScript’s Healthcare Merchant Certification offers a recognized seal of approval for compliant telemedicine providers that helps them advertise on major platforms such as Google and Bing, and ensures they are in compliance with Visa’s and Mastercard’s rules regarding telemedicine, which may help them obtain a card-not-present merchant account.

LegitScript’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Certification provides the only certification service for drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers that is relied on by Google, Bing, and Facebook to vet advertisers for eligibility. Certified addiction treatment providers can reduce costly interruptions to their Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads by getting LegitScript-certified.

To qualify, eligible applicants need to submit applications at by May 8 and enter code CERTEXP20 during checkout to have their expedited fee waived.

In a time of great need, LegitScript works to stop predatory operators online and helps connect consumers with legitimate providers.

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Since 2007, LegitScript has been committed to making the internet and payment ecosystems safer and more transparent. LegitScript Certification lets the world know which healthcare merchants, supplement websites, CBD products and websites, and drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities operate safely and legally. The result? Certified merchants can stand out from the crowd, grow their online presence, and demonstrate credibility in high-risk industries. LegitScript is the leading third-party certification expert in these tightly regulated and complex sectors. That’s why LegitScript Certification is trusted by Visa, Google, Bing, Facebook, and major global payment service providers. For more information, visit