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Lightrun Streamlines Real-Time Production Debugging by Integrating With the Most Popular Developer & Observability Tools

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Lightrun, the continuous observability & debugging platform, today announced integrations with six of the most popular tools used by developers – Datadog, IntelliJ IDEA,, Prometheus, Slack and StatsD – which will streamline the delivery of real-time observability for enterprise organizations. The new integrations expand Lightrun’s real-time capabilities to seamlessly provide the on-demand addition of logs, metrics and traces inside the organization’s existing observability infrastructure.

According to recent research, developers dedicate half of their time while programming to debugging, at a cost of an estimated $312 billion per year. Lightrun natively integrates with existing developer tooling like IDEs, APMs and observability solutions to deliver on-demand production debugging. Adding Lightrun code-level information to existing data in present solutions enables faster detection of anomalies and repeating patterns, increases the quality of the information being extracted and speeds up the overall debugging process.

“Modern cloud-native distributed systems and microservices are inherently complex and require new troubleshooting tools and techniques. Problems are difficult to reproduce locally and environment complexity has increased exponentially,” said James Governor, analyst and co-founder of RedMonk. “Developer-focused tools that shift observability left, natively integrating with existing editors, IDEs and telemetry offer a better debugging experience. Giving developers a clear line of sight into their production services enables velocity with safety.”

Real-time Production Debugging: The Foundation of Continuous Observability

Lightrun transforms production environments, making them completely transparent and allows for the addition of all three of the pillars of observability: logs, metrics and traces. With a single click, developers can use Lightrun’s IDE plugin to add log-lines, performance metrics and traces to code that is already running live in production, collecting the information needed to understand a problem and sending it to their IDE, APM or logging platform. Lightrun is platform-agnostic, working on-premise, in the cloud, inside containers and with serverless code.

The new integrations increase developer productivity and extend Lightrun’s ability to provide one hundred percent code-level visibility. The new integrations include some of the most popular developer tools.

  • Cloud monitoring for application performance: Integrating with Datadog enables the aggregation and analysis of Lightrun’s on-demand logs inside Datadog’s log platform, as well as visualization of Lightrun’s on-demand metrics inside Datadog’s APM solution.
  • Extract deeper application insights: Applying’s aggregation and analysis tools onto Lightrun logs and performance metrics to extract deeper insights about the running application.
  • Track performance metrics with visualization: Expose Lightrun on-demand performance metrics via a dedicated Prometheus metrics endpoint, allowing the scraping of those metrics by Prometheus (and visualization inside Grafana or similar tools).
  • Capture virtual snapshots of the running process: Actionable insight into the state of the running process during execution through local debugging using IntelliJ IDEA by showing the exact stack trace and variables inside the IDE.
  • Update teams on code-level events: Alerting developers based on specific code-level events and specific flows without adding new code by connecting a Slack webhook to your Lightrun actions.
  • Collect and transport metrics: Lightrun pipes on-demand performance metrics into the industry-leading metrics collection tool StatsD, enabling connectivity to various back-ends like Datadog, Graphite, Influx and more.

“As developers ourselves, we started Lightrun because it was crystal clear to us that what had been missing from our toolbelt was a developer tool that integrates perfectly into the developer’s existing workflow–from the IDE to working in unison with the existing observability tools used in production,” said Ilan Peleg, co-founder and CEO of Lightrun. “Lightrun is the first Continuous Debugging and Continuous Observability platform, enabling developers to securely add log lines, performance metrics and traces to applications at runtime and on-demand. Through the use of Lightrun and our strategic integration partners like those we announced today, developers can finally achieve complete agility and 100 percent code-level observability.”

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Founded in 2019, Lightrun is the first complete continuous observability and debugging platform. Covering all three pillars of observability, Lightrun allows developers to easily and securely add logs, performance metrics and traces to production and staging environments in real-time, on-demand. Lightrun replaces the iterative, non-agile process required today for debugging live applications and gives developers 100% code-level observability and faster resolution of production issues. Lightrun is ISO-27001 certified and committed to enterprise-grade security standards with Lightrun’s proprietary sandbox ensuring that the original application’s behavior is not altered in any way. For more information, visit