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LogDNA Introduces Kubernetes Enrichment for Log Management

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LogDNA, the leading log management solution for DevOps teams, today announced a new solution that enhances existing application logs in LogDNA with Kubernetes events and resource metrics. Kubernetes Enrichment delivers development teams a single-pane-of-glass observability experience between a users’ underlying Kubernetes infrastructure and deployed services.

“We have been advocates of Kubernetes since day one and are driven to continuously deliver improved workflows to solve the increasingly complex issues that occur within Kubernetes clusters,” said Peter Cho, VP of Product Management for LogDNA. “We are excited to deliver this capability, enabling our users to view all of their Kubernetes events and metrics alongside their logs, and to expand on the LogDNA Kubernetes observability experience in general.”

With Kubernetes Enrichment, developer teams no longer must leave their log viewer to get the information they need to debug their deployment problems. Instead of needing to learn a whole new set of tools and commands, Kubernetes events and resource metrics related to a specific service will show alongside existing application logs. Whether it’s a simple misconfiguration, application bug or an underlying infrastructure issue, they can all be surfaced in a single view. This enables seamless deployment troubleshooting, and empowers developers to resolve deployment issues without deep specialized knowledge of Kubernetes tooling.

Product Availability

Kubernetes Enrichment is a suite that includes Kubernetes Events and Metrics. Kubernetes Events will be generally available for all LogDNA customers, and can be viewed using the new LogDNA Agent v2.2, which will be live in the next few days. Kubernetes Metrics will be available for LogDNA Enterprise customers only. To enable Metrics, contact your dedicated Customer Support Manager.

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This year alone, LogDNA was featured on the Gartner Top 25 Enterprise Software Startups to Watch in 2020 list, the Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Stars list, the Enterprise Tech 30 list, the 10 Hottest Cloud Startups of 2020 list, was named a SaaS Award Finalist and received the IBM Cloud Embed Excellence Award.

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