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Lunchbox Partners with Ordermark to Help Restaurants Persevere Through Pandemic Challenges

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Lunchbox, the next-gen online ordering engine for restaurants, today announces its partnership with Ordermark, one of the fastest-growing restaurant technology service providers in the mobile online ordering space, to develop sophisticated connected solutions that help restaurants bolster their digital commerce initiatives. As restaurants continue to rely on digital ordering to sustain revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lunchbox and Ordermark will provide the infrastructure to enhance digital operations and drive guest engagement and sales.

Lunchbox will integrate its first-party digital ordering solutions, customer relationship management tools and growth marketing capabilities with Ordermark’s online ordering management platform to provide restaurants with more opportunities to grow and retain revenue. With the integration of both platforms, first-party orders made through Lunchbox will effortlessly feed into Ordermark’s platform to ensure that restaurants can manage both first-party and third-party orders from one location.

“Lunchbox is the right partner to help us achieve our goal of helping restaurants grow their digital ordering capabilities. With COVID creating more emphasis on digital ordering, now more than ever is the time for restaurants to master all of their digital channels,” said Alex Canter, CEO and Cofounder of Ordermark. “The Lunchbox and Ordermark integration provides the perfect solution.”

As a result of the pandemic, restaurants have been forced to prioritize digital orders in order to stay afloat as regulations prevent them from fully reopening in the interest of guest safety. In addition to using third-party platforms, restaurants must develop their own muscle to communicate and transact with consumers. Both companies intend to deepen their integration in the future in order to help restaurants achieve more stability and longevity while reopening continues to fluctuate.

Lunchbox is able to orchestrate services like native ordering through app or web based platforms, delivery and digital marketing, through one platform thanks to its strategic partnership integrations with companies like Toast and Doordash Drive. Instead of paying for these services separately, Lunchbox offers a standard fee based on which services restaurants would like to include, keeping operational costs down.

“Through our partnership with Ordermark, we aim to give restaurants all the digital tools they need to thrive and provide a sense of stability during our industry’s most trying time. We’ve admired all of the accomplishments Ordermark has achieved and can’t wait to help restaurants today, tomorrow and the future,” says Nabeel Alamgir, CEO and Co-Founder of Lunchbox.

The company recently partnered with Clean Juice, one of the fastest growing food chains in the U.S., to launch their branded consumer app. Since launching, Lunchbox has provided industry-leading restaurants with enterprise-grade software that offer them more opportunities to improve guests experience and increase sales while giving them more ownership of their digital initiatives.

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About Lunchbox

Lunchbox empowers brands with a next-gen online ordering engine that drives sales and engagement through powerful growth marketing tools, to help create stronger relationships with their guests. Lunchbox works with industry-leading restaurants like Bareburger and World Famous Chef David Chang’s Fuku to build the best-in-class digital ordering experiences that drive returns and sales, all while moving guests away from third-party sites. To learn more, visit

About Ordermark

Ordermark ( is the leading, and one of the fastest-growing restaurant technology service providers in the mobile online ordering space. Ordermark helps restaurants and virtual kitchens increase efficiency and grow profits by aggregating mobile orders across all of the major online ordering service providers into a single dashboard and printer.

Born in the kitchen of the world-famous Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles by a fourth-generation restaurateur, Ordermark was built, tested, and refined from the perspective of a restaurant operator. Ordermark’s thousands of customers include small, single-location restaurants and many of the world’s top restaurant chains including Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa John’s, Popeyes, Which Wich, and Yogurtland. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Denver.