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Mastercard Digital Wellness Program to Enhance Transparency, Security and Choice for Online Shopping

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Mastercard today launched the Mastercard
Digital Wellness
program, a host of technologies and resources that
enable all businesses, especially small and independent merchants, to
better serve today’s digital-first consumer.

As part of this program, Mastercard will deploy EMVCo’s
for fast, click-to-pay check-out for digital
commerce. The specification replaces laborious key-entry guest check-out
with a consistent, simple and secure guest checkout experience, no
matter where a consumer shops online, or which device or card they use.

“We launched Mastercard Digital Wellness today because we believe that
businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety or choice as they build
the best experiences for their customers,” said Jess Turner, executive
vice president, Digital Payments and Labs, North America, Mastercard.
“Any changes to how we shop online must deliver enhanced levels of
security, transparency and flexibility for everyone.”

According to a Deloitte study on small businesses in the U.S.,
enterprises that were more digitally advanced were four times more
likely to achieve revenue growth. Mastercard is bringing its resources
and knowledge of secure digital commerce to businesses that form the
backbone of the U.S. economy.

Merchants that enable the click-to-pay standard with Mastercard will
automatically get access to an added layer of security through
tokenization and NuData,
a Mastercard artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
NuData works with retailers around the globe to help anticipate and
prevent fraud by monitoring website traffic changes, analyzing sudden
changes in browser type, surfing speed and time spent on web pages,
allowing businesses to either monitor further or stop access. During the
2018 holiday season, NuData, helped businesses worldwide identify over 1
billion irregular digital activities and stopped 99 percent of these
fraudulent attacks, saving them over $500 million.

Importantly, by implementing the Mastercard Digital Wellness program,
merchants will benefit from access to tokenization and NuData for both
streamlined guest check-out sales as well as their card-on-file business.

Recent market analysis from Mastercard has identified key opportunities
for retailers to improve their customer experience. Unease about online
payment security and challenging user-account creation experiences were
pinpointed as the top reasons consumers abandon a purchase before
completion. As a result, shoppers are often cautious of storing their
card details with smaller, newer merchants.

Businesses that enable the EMVCo click-to-pay specification with
Mastercard can streamline and secure their card-on-file and guest
check-out experiences. Mastercard cardholders will no longer be required
to enter a password before they pay online, and the suite of products
and services available in the Mastercard Digital Wellness program will
help to increase approval rates, lower fraud and reduce PCI compliance
burden. Mastercard is working with payment processors and payment
platforms such as Worldpay, Square, Adyen, Mastercard Payment Gateway
Services, and Stripe to make these features available to more businesses
more quickly.

“Expanding the availability of a secure, simple and consistent ecommerce
guest checkout experience to small businesses brings great potential,”
said Amy Zirkle, interim CEO, Electronic Transactions Association (ETA).
“We share Mastercard’s belief that both the acquiring community and
payment service providers play a critical role in supporting how
merchants connect to the consumer.”

Mastercard Digital Wellness, a one-stop resource for all things
digital for small business:

In addition to the security capabilities of NuData and support for the
EMVCo standard, businesses that participate in the Mastercard Digital
Wellness program will get access to a diverse set of resources and tools
to protect and empower business owners. It includes a cyber
toolkit for small businesses
to combat online attacks, and access to
the Cyber Readiness Program from the Cyber
Readiness Institute
, an initiative designed to help organizations
educate their workforce on issues like phishing, authentication and
patching. Additional resources will be introduced over time, providing
business owners guidance how to manage and grow their business as well.

Mastercard Digital Wellness will roll out first to all U.S. businesses;
the new click-to-pay checkout will be live for U.S. cardholders and
merchants during the third quarter of this year.

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