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Media Shower Content Platform Now Integrates with Google Docs™

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Media Shower, the media, and communication company, has announced built-in support for Google Docs™, meaning content teams are now able to collaborate better to create better content. The integration now makes Media Shower’s content platform incredibly powerful for marketers since their teams already use Google.

“Many content teams try to use separate workflow or project management tools, which require messy sign-ins and cumbersome training,” said John Hargrave, Media Shower CEO. “Worse, they try to email copies of their blog post to everyone on the team for feedback, which results in multiple version conflicts. Our integration with Google Docs solves both problems.”

Google Docs delivery comes at no additional charge for Media Shower customers. A single content owner still manages the Media Shower account and can now choose to receive their Media Shower content in Google Docs format. They have one link to a single Google Doc – a “single source of truth” – that they can share with everyone on their team.

“Google Docs means that everyone is literally on the same page,” said Lisa Strickland, Media Shower’s Head of Editorial. “Whether it’s a blog post or corporate brochure, it saves so much time and money when everyone can see everyone else’s comments—and the result is better content.”

Media Shower’s integration with Google Docs also means that clients have instant access to the complete version history of any document. They can see who made changes and instantly revert to any previous version of a copy.

“This is a game-changer,” Hargrave said. “Google Docs is incredibly powerful, and now we have sucked that power into our platform. Google Docs is making our clients better, our content better, and our company better.”

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