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Medstro® Client CRICO Strategies Wins NESHCo Lamplighter Award for Online CBS Community

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Medstro®, a leading “Software as a Service” platform for medicine and health care, is proud to announce that its client, CRICO Strategies, has received a New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Silver Lamplighter Award for its online Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) Community.

CRICO Strategies’ CBS Community provides clients of its Comparative Benchmarking System with an open forum to discuss challenges and best practices and to share ideas for improving clinical care. Community members also have the opportunity to participate in monthly calls, webinars and focus groups. In addition, the online community offers private groups for professionals involved in claims management, underwriting, patient safety and analytics.

“The CBS Community perfectly captures the essence and power of communication among health care professionals derived from a virtual setting,” said Dave Heckard, business director of Medstro®. “We are thrilled that the CRICO Strategies community has been recognized by a program of such prestige, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to collaborate with an organization dedicated to propelling patient care forward.”

The Lamplighter Awards, now in its 30th year, recognizes excellence in health care communications, with more than 60 major awards. This year’s competition received 282 entries that were judged by acknowledged leaders in the field.

“For more than 20 years, we’ve nurtured a community of national peers through the shared language of data,” said Michael Paskavitz, vice president of CRICO Strategies. “Our strong community has been centered around time-based events built around our schedule, but recently, our members have asked for more direct access to one another, and to us, when they need it. Partnering with Medstro® to create an online community with a secure and flexible environment enables clients to share and generate value for themselves and the community. We’re learning that one effect of COVID-19 is that people are craving connection and are increasingly more comfortable experiencing it virtually. That, combined with the capabilities of the Medstro® platform, gives us confidence that the best days are ahead for our community.”

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About Medstro®

Medstro®, part of the Truth Serum NTWK, is a leading “Software as a Service” platform for medicine and health care. Leveraging the power of community to improve health care, Medstro® serves as an unrivaled resource in three distinct markets: online communities, online challenges and social content delivery. With a robust feature set and highly customizable software, the platform is tailored specifically for clinical and scientific communities. Medstro® is a brand MJH Life Sciences, the largest privately held, independent, full-service medical media company in North America.

About CRICO Strategies

CRICO Strategies is a division of The Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions Incorporated, a CRICO company. CRICO Strategies mission is to unite the medical and insurance communities into a single voice with reliable and actionable data as our shared language. Partnering with national organizations, CRICO Strategies works to strengthen their ability to reduce medical malpractice risks with powerful analytics derived from its Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS). CBS reflects the medical professional liability experience of more than 550 hospitals and health care entities and 190,000 physicians from commercial and captive insurers nationwide.