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Mellanox HDR 200G InfiniBand Accelerates New Generation of World-Wide High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Supercomputers

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Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end
smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage
systems, today announced that HDR 200G InfiniBand accelerates the next
generation of supercomputers world-wide, enabling higher levels of
research and scientific discovery. HDR 200G InfiniBand solutions include
the ConnectX-6 adapters, Mellanox Quantum switches, LinkX cables and
transceivers and software packages. With its highest data throughput,
extremely low latency, and smart In-Network Computing acceleration
engines, HDR InfiniBand provides world leading performance and
scalability for the most demanding compute and data applications.

HDR 200G InfiniBand introduces new offload and acceleration engines, for
delivering leading performance and scalability for high-performance
computing, artificial intelligence, cloud, storage, and other
applications. InfiniBand, a standards-based interconnect technology,
enjoys the continuous development of new capabilities, while maintaining
backward and forward software compatibility. InfiniBand is the preferred
choice for world leading supercomputers, replacing lower performance or
proprietary interconnect options.

“We are proud to have our HDR InfiniBand solutions accelerate
supercomputers around the world, enhance research and discoveries, and
advancing Exascale programs,” said Gilad Shainer, senior vice president
of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. “InfiniBand continues to gain
market share, and be selected by many research, educational and
government institutes, weather and climate facilities, and commercial
organizations. The technology advantages of InfiniBand make it the
interconnect of choice for compute and storage infrastructures.”

The Texas Advanced Computing Center’s (TACC) Frontera supercomputer,
funded by the National Science Foundation, is the fastest supercomputer
at any U.S. university and one of the most powerful systems in the
world. Ranked #5 on the June 2019 TOP500 Supercomputers list, Frontera
utilizes HDR InfiniBand, and in particular multiple 800-port HDR
InfiniBand switches, to deliver unprecedented computing power for
science and engineering.

“HDR InfiniBand enabled us to build a world-leading, 8,000+ node, top 5
supercomputer that will serve our users’ needs for the next several
years,” said Dan Stanzione, TACC Executive Director. “We appreciate the
deep collaboration with Mellanox and are proud to host one of the
fastest supercomputers in the world. We look forward to utilizing the
advanced routing capabilities and the In-Network Computing acceleration
engines to enhance our users’ research activities and scientific

Located at the Mississippi State University High Performance Computing
Collaboratory, the new HDR InfiniBand-based Orion supercomputer will
accelerate the university research, educational and service activities.
Ranked #62 on the June 2019 TOP500 list, the 1800-node supercomputer
leverages the performance advantages of HDR InfiniBand and its
application acceleration engines to provide new levels of application
performance and scalability.

“HDR InfiniBand brings us leading performance and the ability to build
very scalable and cost efficient supercomputers utilizing its high
switch port density and configurable network topology,” said Trey
Breckenridge, Director for High Performance Computing at Mississippi
State University. “Over 16 years ago MSU became one of the first
adopters of the InfiniBand technology in HPC. We are excited to continue
that legacy by leveraging the latest InfiniBand technology to enhance
the capabilities of our newest HPC system.”

CSC, the Finnish IT Center for Science, and the Finnish Meteorological
Institute Selected HDR 200G InfiniBand to accelerate a multi-phase
supercomputer program. The program will serve researchers in Finnish
universities and research institutes, enhancing their research into
climate science, renewable energy, astrophysics, nanomaterials, and
bioscience, among a wide range of exploration activities. The first
supercomputer is ranked #166 on the TOP500 list.

“The new supercomputer will enable our researchers and scientists to
leverage the most efficient HPC and AI platform to enhance their
competitiveness for years to come,” said Pekka Lehtovuori, Director of
services for research at CSC. “The HDR InfiniBand technology, and the
Dragonfly+ network topology will provide our users with leading
performance and scalability while optimizing our total cost of

Cygnus is the first HDR InfiniBand supercomputer in Japan, located in
the Center for Computational Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.
Ranked #264 on the TOP500 list, Cygnus leverages HDR InfiniBand to
connect CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs together, enabling accelerated research in
the areas of astrophysics, particle physics, material science, life,
meteorology and artificial intelligence.

“The Cygnus supercomputer utilizes the advantage of InfiniBand to
connect variety of compute elements, such as CPUs, GPUs, and additional
FPGAs, in the most effective and high-performance way,” said Prof.
Taisuke Boku, Director of Center for Computational Sciences, University
of Tsukuba. “Our multi-hybrid heterogeneous compute platform with the
HDR InfiniBand technology enables the university to enhance our research
activities, and to develop the applications and tools for the Exascale

The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has selected
HDR InfiniBand for India’s national supercomputing mission. The C-DAC
HDR InfiniBand supercomputer advances India’s research, technology, and
product development capabilities.

“The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), an autonomous
R&D institution under the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of
India with its focus in Advanced Computing is uniquely positioned to
establish dependable and secure Exascale Ecosystem offering services in
various domains. As our nation embarks upon its most revolutionary phase
of Digital Transformation, C-DAC has committed itself to explore and
engage in the avant-garde visionary areas excelling beyond in the
present areas of research transforming human lives through technological
advancement,” said Dr Hemant Darbari, Director General, C-DAC. “C-DAC is
spearheading the build, design and develop approach of National
Supercomputing Mission (NSM) of the country. The first Supercomputer
under NSM Build Approach by C-DAC was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister
at IIT (BHU) Varanasi, the solution comprising of Mellanox HDR
InfiniBand Interconnect selected through a competitive evaluation
process. C-DAC will build such solutions across the country under NSM
contributing to advancing India’s research, technology and product
development capabilities. We have been using Mellanox InfiniBand
Interconnect to our satisfaction as a part of our HPC solution deployed
at C-DAC and various research and technical institutions in the country
and look forward to continue working on developing our future

Mellanox will showcase the HDR InfiniBand solutions at the International
Supercomputing conference in Frankfurt Germany, June 17-19, at booth
number E-911.

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