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NAFCU and DDJ Myers Announce Launch of Their Organization Alignment Assessment

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NAFCU and DDJ Myers announced the launch of a new Organization Alignment Assessment (OAA) that provides key stakeholders with the necessary alignment information to create optimal readiness. Now more than ever, credit unions need to see opportunities where their organization can perform to their highest, most equitable potential.

Based on 30 years of leadership research, the online assessment tool measures the alignment of an organization by quantifying critical success factors among the four strategic pillars of an organization: strategy development and deployment, infrastructure and operations, culture, and pace of execution. Credit unions can administer a confidential online survey and review the results through an interactive dashboard. Experts from DDJ Myers also consult with the stakeholders on the findings.

Randy Salser, president of NAFCU Services said, “We are proud to partner with DDJ Myers on the Organization Alignment Assessment. This tool is an excellent resource for the strategic planning process and will give credit unions intelligence on how their organization’s alignment looks as a whole.”

“The OAA provides a guiding framework to continually assess and align on the most strategically relevant micro issues that enable or inhibit performance at a macro level,” Senior Vice President of DDJ Myers, Peter Myers said. “As a bonus, the staff love the interactive nature of online dashboard; it helps new perspectives and actions more easily take root.”

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