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Naval Air Station Jacksonville Partners with BCR Inc. on Solar System that Powers CleanB® System thereby Reducing Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint

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Today BCR announced that Naval Air Station Jacksonville has upgraded its existing CleanB® technology to further reduce energy consumption to zero while converting wastewater sludge to Class B biosolids. This was accomplished through installing and integrating a Solar Power System that produces more than enough power to run the CleanB® system. Traditional digester systems make up a significant percentage of a WWTP’s energy usage with annual electrical costs ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 or more per year. This new solar power system can eliminate that cost in its entirety for WWTPs that use the CleanB® system powered by solar.

“Our CleanB® system has already proven itself to be a leader in energy savings for our customers,” explained Joshua Scott, CEO for BCR. “With the solar powered option, customers can now eliminate electrical power costs while creating EPA Class B biosolids. Reducing energy usage not only saves our customers operating costs, but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with responsible disposition of wastewater sludge. We see a growing number of wastewater facilities across North America that are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve seen an uptick in demand for BCR’s CleanB systems with the solar powered option.”

The CleanB system in Naval Air Station Jacksonville has delivered numerous annualized benefits including a $75,000 reduction in energy costs, a reduction of 500 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, a decrease of 71% in polymer consumption, and an additional savings of $30,000 due to improved dewatering. In addition, the reduced odor Class B biosolids eliminate landfill costs and produce a soil-like product that is used as an organic fertilizer for beneficial reuse.

About BCR:

BCR partners with municipal leaders and the engineers who research, evaluate, specify and procure biosolids treatment technology. BCR provides mobile CleanB® units that can process up to 270 gallons of waste activated sludge per minute and can drive from site to site. BCR also provides full-scale permanent installations of the CleanB® system. Eleven permanent CleanB® system installations include city and county wastewater treatment plants in the US, including a US Naval Air Station installation.

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