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New Book, 10X Culture, Reveals Best-Kept Secrets of the World’s Most Innovative Teams

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Hugo, a San Francisco-based meeting technology company, today announced the release of a new book, 10X Culture, co-authored by co-founders Josh Lowy and Darren Chait and product education lead Rob Lennon.

A must-read for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to take their company’s performance to the next level, this book will share lessons of successful teams throughout history, from Apollo 11 to today’s most innovative companies including Atlassian, Airbnb and Zoom. What do they have in common? 10X Culture — a profound view on teamwork that enables teams to move fast, be effective, and thrive.

Eric Yuan, CEO and founder of Zoom (NASDAQ:ZOOM), who contributed the foreword to the book, calls 10X Culture “the best shortcut you can take in your team’s journey toward a winning culture…It can be read in an afternoon, but you’ll be re-reading it for the rest of your life.”

Megha Narayan, global head of brand at Atlassian (NASDAQ:TEAM), adds, “10X Culture exposes a mindset…how to unlearn bad work habits, and relearn how to relate to each other…how culture can take your team from exceptional, to extra exceptional.”

Lowy and Chait started Hugo, intending to revolutionize meetings based on the way information and great ideas should flow across teams, organizations and productivity tools. What they didn’t realize was the impact that these views could have on organizational culture — something that emerged as Hugo gained momentum as the way for modern companies to meet more effectively. Throughout the company’s existence, Hugo has continued to undergo rapid transformation, whether successfully pivoting its initial product, building partnerships with the likes of Atlassian, Freshworks, and Slack, or doubling daily active users each month.

10X Culture offers a deep dive into the lessons they learned, from the basic pillars of a 10X culture to cultivating a shared consciousness in which every team member becomes a leader and decision-maker. Readers will learn how to apply practical strategies like the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide and Act) Loop to everyday work in order to make the best possible decisions.

“The future of work is open, adaptable and built on foundations of trust and autonomy,” says Josh Lowy. “This book is a guide to getting there faster. It’s about how to leverage culture as your most powerful force for organizational transformation. Because the single greatest ingredient for success is people, culture unleashes our potential, both as individuals and as a team.”

10X Culture is your guide to creating an empowering culture that frees every team member to achieve their greatest potential. Learn how to build a team that is adaptable, networked, and tempo-oriented — one capable of accomplishing previously impossible feats. Digital copies of 10X Culture are free at and the paperback is available for order at ($12.99).

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