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npm, Inc. Launches npm Pro, New Tool for JavaScript Developers

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npm, Inc., the open source JavaScript developer tools provider and operator of the world’s largest software registry, today announced npm Pro, the first professional tool designed expressly around the needs of independent JavaScript developers.

Most developers around the world do a portion of their JavaScript development in a solo context. In many cases, such as full-time consultants, students, and hobbyists, the majority of their work may be solo projects. But even startup and corporate JavaScript developers who primarily work on large team-based projects often have side projects where they work alone.

Until now, they have been forced to choose tools designed for multi-developer projects or large enterprises, where the focus is on team-based permissions and managed collaboration. npm Pro brings these developers the streamlined feature set they need, without the clutter of team-centric functionality. The key feature of npm Pro is private packages, which allows developers to create, maintain, and upgrade packages outside of the public registry. This is useful for proprietary code, side projects, and experiments.

The new npm Pro is available today for $7 per user per month. As the latest addition to the npm, Inc. JavaScript tools product line, it joins npm Free, a no-cost account designed for open source contributors to the free npm Registry; npm Teams (formerly called npm Orgs), a package management and collaboration tool designed for teams of any size; and npm Enterprise, a unique service designed to improve the productivity and security of JavaScript development at the very largest organizations.

“npm Pro is very much a return-to-our-roots sort of product,” said Isaac Schlueter, npm Founder and Chief of Open Source. “Many of the engineers here, including myself, have worked as independent developers in the past, and most still work on solo personal projects in their off hours. npm Pro is the perfect tool for them.”

“Launching npm Pro allows us to fill an important gap in the spectrum of JavaScript development,” said Daniel Sauble, npm Product Manager, “Solo working professionals have unique problems they need solved, just like open source contributors and enterprise development teams do. npm Pro solves these problems.”

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