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One Day University Online Learning Network to Launch Next Week

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One Day University, the New York-based adult learning company that brings superstar professors from the nation’s top college campuses to entertain and enlighten audiences will be launching an Online Learning Network, supported by more than 30 major newspapers. One Day University had grown from a single half-day event in New York to a series of 200 full and half-day programs in 61 locations around the country, with new programs in Canada and Mexico scheduled for later in 2020. Attendance at individual events had risen as high as 3,000 and revenues followed suit, surpassing $5 million from a starting point of under $500,000 just five years ago. The events were especially popular among retirees and so-called baby boomers – both groups eager to keep their minds active and their leisure time stocked with alternatives to the golf course, the tennis court and the performance hall. The new Online division is expected to appeal to a significantly wider audience.

Director Steven Schragis calls what One Day U offers “edutainment,” inviting the nation’s most popular professors from nearly 100 different colleges and universities to showcase their ability to entertain and listeners to relax and open their minds. The One Day U staff scours the country’s best schools, looking for professors whose lectures are standing-room-only and whose student ratings are overwhelmingly excellent. Then these professors are invited to present one-session, highlights-reel versions of their most oversubscribed courses to an educated, intellectually curious audience eager to enjoy the benefits of college without any of the burdens.

One Day University currently partners with major newspapers across the country:

One Day University Online Learning / Newspaper Network Partners

* Boston Globe * Philadelphia Inquirer * Minneapolis Star Tribune * Seattle Times * Dallas Morning News * Los Angeles Times * Denver Post * San Francisco Chronicle * Arizona Republic * Hartford Courant * Seattle Times * St. Louis Post-Dispatch * Cape Cod Times * Florida Sun Sentinel * Connecticut Post * Portland Oregonian * Kansas City Star * Tampa Bay Times * Providence Journal * Naples Daily News * Richmond Times-Dispatch * Baltimore Sun * Tampa Bay Times * Sacramento Bee * Palm Beach Post * Sarasota Herald-Tribune * Norfolk Virginia-Pilot * Orlando Sentinel * Palm Springs Desert Sun * Portland Oregonian * Raleigh News & Observer * Cleveland Plain Dealer * Chicago Tribune * Burlington Free Press * Austin Statesman * Tucson Daily Star * New London Day * Miami Herald * Wall Street Journal * Charlotte Observer* Detroit Free Press * San Antonio Express-News *Toronto Globe and Mail *


One Day University brings together nearly 200 of the greatest professors from the world’s top schools to present special versions of their very lectures on a diverse array of topics.

The professors who teach at One Day U across the country have won countless teaching awards and earned the highest possible ratings from their students on campus.