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Patient Journey Mapping Is Imperative for Healthcare Providers and Its Mainstream Adoption Is Inevitable to Remain Competitive, Says Quantzig

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Quantzig, a leading data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to healthcare & life sciences companies has announced the expansion of its healthcare analytics portfolio to include the most advanced and efficient data models and patient journey mapping solutions. The addition of advanced patient journey mapping solutions to its portfolio of solutions aimed at the discovery and analysis of patient data further strengthens Quantzig’s position as a premier healthcare analytics solutions provider globally.

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What makes Quantzig a premier patient journey mapping solutions provider? (Graphic: Business Wire)

What makes Quantzig a premier patient journey mapping solutions provider? (Graphic: Business Wire)

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With analytics becoming increasingly pervasive, it has enhanced the ability of healthcare organizations to perform sophisticated data analysis to achieve improvements in several areas right from patient care to drug development. Today, analytics-driven patient journey mapping techniques play a crucial role in managing patient data, streamlining medical diagnostics, and in enhancing the R&D efforts within the healthcare industry. As such, patient journey mapping is turning out to be an increasingly valuable tool for healthcare companies of all types and sizes, for many applications.

Three benefits of patient journey mapping stand out as particularly compelling:

1. Helps deliver a better patient experience

2. Analyzes patient health post-treatment

3. Sheds light on obstacles faced by patients

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According to Quantzig’s health data analytics experts, “Backed by robust data and machine learning, our patient journey mapping solutions offer unprecedented, on-demand access to previously siloed data sets, enabling a deeper understanding of the patient journey, market dynamics, and new growth opportunities.”

As healthcare providers continue to transition to a digital business model, it’s imperative to have a framework and strategy in place for tracking patient journeys and enhancing relationships with providers across multiple interaction channels and touchpoints. Whether you are part of product development, marketing, or customer experience team at a healthcare organization, a pharma company, or a health insurer, patient journey mapping should be a part of your toolbox.

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