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Pavilion Data CTO to Speak at the STAC Summit New York City and Chicago Innovation Roundup

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Pavilion Data Systems, an industry leader in NVMe-oF storage
technologies, announced today that the company’s CTO will be presenting
at the STAC Summit in New York City on June 6 and in Chicago on June 18. VR
, CTO of Pavilion Data, will be part of the Innovation Roundup
with a session called “Managing NVMe Storage at Rack-Scale.”

STAC Summits bring together industry leaders in ML/DL engineering, data
engineering, system architecture, application development,
infrastructure engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss
important technical challenges in the finance industry.

Later this month, on June 26, Walter Hinton, Pavilion Data head of
corporate and product marketing, will present a session called “Scaling
Container Environments with New NVMe-oF Storage Approaches
” at Cloud
Expo in Santa Clara. This session will look at the use of NVMe-oF
storage approaches to improve performance and scalability for various
Kubernetes applications. Real-world examples will explain how this new
technology will help container environments achieve higher scalability
without sacrificing performance while increasing operational flexibility.

About Pavilion Data Systems

Pavilion Data Systems empowers organizations to make better decisions,
faster. It’s ultra-fast, rack-scale NVMe-over-Fabric Storage Platform
ingests, processes, stores and serves an order of magnitude more data
for massively-parallel modern applications. Pavilion’s OPENCHOICE
Storage™ business model provides flexibility to reuse existing
standard 2.5” NVMe SSDs or purchase the latest SSDs directly from drive
makers, dramatically reducing procurement costs and future-proofing the
platform investment. Pavilion Data’s solutions enable Internet and SaaS
companies, cloud service providers and enterprises to deliver
business-critical applications at the speed of direct-attached storage,
with the economics, reliability, manageability, and data management
services of shared storage. To find out more, visit
or follow the company on Twitter at