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Periscope Holdings Provides COVID-19 Emergency Supply Shopping Tool to State and Local Governments

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Periscope Holdings announced today the successful launch of a new Emergency Marketplace for State and Local governments. A shopping environment exclusive to the public sector, Periscope’s Emergency Marketplace features only goods and services specific to COVID-19 emergency response efforts. Registered government buyers efficiently and securely search, shop and order emergency supplies directly within the Emergency Marketplace. Nine states across the United States are signed on to use the tool to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and related supplies for COVID-19 response.

“Having been in public procurement for 20 years, we are experienced helping state and local governments respond to disasters and emergencies,” said Brian Utley, CEO of Periscope Holdings. “Many years ago we developed an Emergency eBidding solution to help governments quickly post bids for emergency supplies needed to respond to hurricanes, floods and many other natural disasters. When COVID-19 crisis was hitting the US in early March, we quickly offered up our Emergency eBidding solution– and then looked deeper. We asked ourselves – What more could we do to help our customers and other State and Local governments get the supplies they needed fast? And that’s how we decided to leverage the new Periscope Marketplace tool along with our supplier network of 500,000 to set up an Emergency Marketplace free of charge for any US government organization.”

To populate the Emergency Marketplace, Periscope Holdings sent several Request for Information (RFIs) for PPE and related COVID-19 emergency response items to its supplier network of 500,000. The Periscope team then reviewed the responses and worked with those approved suppliers to load their catalogs into the Emergency Marketplace. To protect buyers, Periscope Holdings performed an extra review process before making supplier catalogs purchase-able directly through the system.

Items that can be ordered directly within the Emergency Marketplace Include:

  • N95, KN95 and surgical masks
  • DiaCarta QuantiVirus Tests
  • Surgical and isolation gowns
  • Gloves and hand sanitizer

“I am extremely proud of the Periscope team for the work they did to quickly set up the Emergency Marketplace,” continued Utley. “We are fortunate to be in a position to directly impact how our governments respond to crisis, but we cannot do it alone. The suppliers and the public procurement professionals we work with have our admiration and gratitude.”

To learn more about Periscope Holdings and their emergency solutions contact Periscope’s VP of Sales Brittany Parker at

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