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Prodly Introduces Next Innovation in Application Operations to Help Customers Build, Test, and Deploy Low-code Applications Faster and More Reliably

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Building on momentous customer growth, Prodly today announced a new product as part of its application operations platform. AppOps Test, available today on the Salesforce AppExchange, provides automated testing to validate complex business logic and data integrity of low-code, declaratively configured applications.

A first-of-its-kind regression testing engine, AppOps Test fills a critical gap in agile release management for low-code apps like Salesforce CPQ. Unlike click player testing, AppOps Test tests the reference data underpinning point-and-click configuration, providing early warning of regressions introduced by Salesforce’s automatic upgrades, configuration changes, or other development workflows.

“Regression testing is a critical part of application lifecycle management, but too often testing changes to low-code apps has meant tedious, manual processes. With the introduction of AppOps Test we continue to help customers build and iterate apps faster, more frequently, and with greater governance,” explains Max Rudman, CEO or Prodly.

AppOps Test enables administrators to easily plan, create, execute, and rerun test cases directly in Salesforce with clicks, not code. The product tests the calculations generated by CPQ to ensure changes to Salesforce have not inadvertently impacted price rules, quote line amount, and other important quote attributes. Powerful test case reporting shows pass/fail results in real time to pinpoint record-level issues that may have otherwise been promoted to production unnoticed.

“By automating testing, our customers can not only iterate apps faster and deploy more reliable releases, they can free up valuable technical resources for more important projects,” says Stephen Crane, Product Manager at Prodly.

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About Prodly

Prodly helps companies build and continuously improve business applications faster, more reliably, and more frequently. Prodly’s AppOps platform automates the full lifecycle of low-code development, empowers more non-developers to configure applications, removes bottlenecks in the development process, and provides IT governance to mitigate risk of agile development. Customers like Nutanix, Johnson & Johnson, Splunk, Tableau, and Verizon use Prodly AppOps to update mission critical applications such as Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, Field Service Lightning, and Salesforce B2B Commerce at the speed of business. The company is based in Palo Alto, Calif. with global operations. For more information, visit

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