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ReadSpeaker Named a 2021 Speech Industry Award Winner by Speech Technology Magazine

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ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent digital voice partner for global businesses, today announced that it was named a Speech Technology Magazine’s 2021 Speech Industry Award winner. ReadSpeaker was selected as a result of the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering industry-leading text-to-speech (TTS) solutions, as well as recent partnerships with major players across the automotive, accessibility, media and retail spaces.

Statista estimates that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants in use will be 8.4 billion—higher than the global population. As voice assistant—and voice technology, more broadly—adoption increases, brands across all industries must invest in voice-enabled solutions, or risk losing competitiveness.

ReadSpeaker’s TTS has been at the leading edge of the voice industry for more than two decades, and today provides 90 voices in 40 languages and has created more than 10,000 instances where digital voice is used by brands across the globe. Founded on the principle of making the internet more accessible to low-vision and blind users, ReadSpeaker has always remained committed to its mission of accessibility and has led the industry in new innovations that help bring the power of voice technology to a broader audience.

Speech Technology Magazine selected ReadSpeaker largely due to these innovations, which include the November 2020 introduction of Prosody Transfer, a proprietary capability that mixes the sound of one voice with the expressive characteristics of another using deep neural network (DNN) technology. ReadSpeaker used the same neural network approach to train voice models on multiple language data sets resulting in a groundbreaking cross-lingual neural TTS solution. ReadSpeaker’s recent activations with Honda, sComm, Mixi, and SoundHound were also a key component of their selection.

“The future of technology is voice, and we are excited to be leading the charge into that future,” said Matt Muldoon, President, North America at ReadSpeaker. “We are at a critical moment in our industry as voice technology use becomes ubiquitous across everything from the way we learn to the way we interact with our devices. This recognition from Speech Technology Magazine validates the hard work we have been doing and we look forward to bringing more innovative, life-like voices to the market in the coming years.”

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About ReadSpeaker:

ReadSpeaker is the most trusted, independent digital voice partner for global brands. With more than 20 years of industry experience, ReadSpeaker offers brands sophisticated text-to-speech solutions and expert hands-on assistance to create the most engaging bespoke voice interfaces. ReadSpeaker offers both SaaS and licensed solutions to support varying channels and devices, and consistently maintains brand trust through its commitment to data privacy. To date, the company – which provides more than 30 languages and 90 voices – has created more than 10,000 digital voice interfaces for brands around the world. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.