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 Real-Time Data Added to KOBIONA’s Software Offering

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KOBIONA, a leading energy management advisor in the Northeast, announced today that users of their KOBIONA 360°+ software will have access real-time utility data from over 6,000 supported utilities worldwide. According to the company’s Managing Partner, Brian Choquette, access to facility specific utility data will provide customers the tools they need to make better business decisions. “Organizations large and small are constantly looking for ways to reduce and manage energy spend, but they lack the granular insights required to do this effectively.” added Choquette. “The combination of real-time data and our suite of reporting tools will be instrumental in helping our customers make a myriad of decisions, well beyond energy procurement.”

The service is scheduled to be available to KOBIONA customers in the first quarter of 2020.

About KOBIONA: KOBIONA is a leading energy management advisor to Commercial, Industrial, and Non-Profit organizations in the United States’ restructured energy markets. Founded in 2015, KOBIONA set out to extinguish outdated energy management practices by leveraging technology and commodity market expertise. KOBIONA’s unique approach to electricity and natural gas procurement has gained a loyal following from its’ client base and positioned them as a thought leader in the retail energy space. You can learn more about them by visiting their website,