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Real-time Scenario Simulation and Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling Empowers a Wine and Spirits Manufacturing Company to Identify The Optimal Marketing Mix | Quantzig’s Latest Success Story

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Premier analytics service provider, Quantzig announces the completion of its recent multi-touch attribution modeling engagement. The success story offers comprehensive insights into how attribution modeling and simulation helped the wine and spirits company to allocate future marketing spend more accurately to maximize customer acquisition and drive bottom-line benefits.

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As experts in the field of multi-touch attribution modeling, Quantzig offers advanced analytics solutions that help its clients simulate real-time scenarios to make informed marketing decisions. Request a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

Multi-touch attribution modeling uses advanced analytics methodologies and data analysis to determine the value of different marketing channels. Adopting such an approach can help businesses gauge the efficiency of different marketing channels and make the best marketing decision based on the outcome. As such, leading players in the wine and spirits manufacturing space are now investing in attribution modeling and simulation tools to tap into the growing demand and expand market share effectively.

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Factors that prompted the wine and spirits company to collaborate with Quantzig

Inability to track and gauge MROI: With no set procedure in place, the client was unable to measure the value of each marketing channel. Besides, it also hindered their decision-making ability making it crucial to perform an exhaustive analysis through multi-touch attribution modeling to understand the impact of each channel on sales.

The inability to gauge the impact of their marketing plan on the outcome: The client was looking to gain predictive insights to see how changes to the marketing plan can impact business outcomes. This was a major challenge since the client was not well equipped with the necessary tools to analyze and simulate real-time scenarios.

Lack of a holistic view of online and offline channels: To make crucial decisions on the allocation of future marketing spend, the client wanted to gain a holistic view of their marketing channels. They wanted to leverage attribution modeling and advanced simulation tools to identify an optimal marketing strategy.

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How did multi-touch attribution and real-time scenario simulation help the wine and spirits manufacturing company?

Quantzig adopted a three-pronged approach to help the client tackle their challenges. The multi-touch attribution modeling solutions empowered the client to analyze the real value of media investments. Besides, the attribution model also helped them determine the contributions of each marketing channel, playing a crucial role in the allocation of future marketing spend. Leveraging attribution modeling along with advanced simulation tools also enabled the client to-

  • Tactically use the insights to identify the optimal marketing strategy
  • Drive sales and brand awareness
  • Re-prioritize investments to maximize ROI from the most effective channels
  • Invest more in online activities due to favorable sales ROI and potential to strengthen brand value

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