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Revere Resources Announces Launch of RevereNet

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Revere Resources was founded on the values of fairness and transparency in a traditionally unclear and ever-changing market and industry. RevereNet is a free and industry-first tool available to mineral rights owners that provides complete insight into their mineral rights portfolios.

Driven by personal experiences of predatory tactics to sell long-time family mineral rights, Revere Resources is guided by one question: “How would you sell your grandma’s mineral rights?”

“Whether a potential seller conducts a sale with us or not, our goal is to educate families through RevereNet so they can understand what is happening in the market and protect themselves financially, especially in these uncertain economic times. We know that low times in the market are when innovation is needed the most, and our investment in this free tool will help individuals and families in our communities,” said Colton Robey, co-founder and senior vice president with Revere Resources.

RevereNet provides a comprehensive geographic view of a property’s mineral composition and its current and historical value, giving mineral rights owners information and data to make informed financial decisions when managing their mineral rights portfolio.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and push the boundaries to best serve our clients by providing greater value as a mineral rights company,” continued Robey.

RevereNet incorporate data publicly available from the Texas Railroad Commission and other public sources. RevereNet provides owners information broken-down by units of ownership, asset maps, historical production and historical offer prices over time and specific to ownership and units in an easily accessible format. It is available to owners at no charge and on-demand, eliminating the need to speak to a landman or industry professional to assess their assets values in real-time.

RevereNet is available to mineral rights owners with interests in Karnes, Gonzales, DeWitt, Lavaca and Live Oak counties. Revere Resources aims to have completed databases for Atascosa, McMullen and La Salle counties available by 2021. Mineral rights owners can contact RevereResources for a personalized access code to RevereNet at

About Revere Resources

Revere Resources is a Texas-based royalties acquisition firm that leverages technology and proven best practices to provide potential sellers with transparent, fair and comprehensive valuation of their mineral assets.