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ROYBI Closes $4.2M Financing in Seed Round to Bring Its AI-Powered Educational Robot to Homes and Schools

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ROYBI, the AI-powered robot dedicated to early childhood education and language learning, announced today the closing of its seed round from investors in Silicon Valley. The company plans to allocate the $4.2 million closed towards accelerating development and manufacturing prior to product launch.

“We’re thrilled to close our first round of investment,” said the Founder & CEO Elnaz Sarraf. “This capital is the start of a tremendous value that we can bring to families around the world.”

ROYBI provides a uniquely tailored teaching experience. Using its machine-learning technology, it delivers content based on a child’s learning ability, including over 500 lessons, stories, and songs that continuously update. The ROYBI app provides parents with full control in selecting daily and weekly lessons while tracking their child’s progress.

With its specialized technology and content, ROYBI is gearing up to have a significant impact on the early education industry. Through strategic partnerships with global educational initiatives and retailers, the company anticipates being in as many homes and schools as possible over the next few years.

Currently, ROYBI is in the process of launching its pilot program across the globe, starting with the United States and later expanding into Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The company plans to increase the availability of its platform to make personalized education more accessible to young children, parents, and families everywhere.

“Our education system needs fundamental change,” Sarraf explains. “The way we teach our children at an early age needs to keep pace with today’s advancements. To better prepare children to become leaders in a future far different from our own, we need to make changes. At ROYBI, we believe it is necessary to revise our current education practices to meet the evolving needs of children.”

Using innovative technologies from Silicon Valley and best educational practices from Finland through the partnership with xEdu Accelerator, ROYBI is at the frontier of personalized education. ROYBI invites you to join this journey to make personalized learning both available and exciting to young children all over the world.