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SDL Partners with Congree to Provide Intelligent Authoring Assistance to Global Content Teams

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SDL (LSE: SDL), the intelligent language and content company, announces a partnership with Congree Language Technologies GmbH, experts in authoring assistance tools and content optimization, to provide linguistic guidance, terminology checks and content intelligence to authors and content teams. The combination of SDL Tridion and Congree’s focus on content authoring assistance is expected to save customers between 20-80% of their translation costs.

“You only get one chance to impress a customer,” said Thomas Labarthe, Group Revenue Officer, SDL. “Together with Congree we’re offering a new way for brands to create highly impactful content, consistently, regardless of who authors it.”

Customers can now access three new features within SDL Tridion:

  • Rule-Based Language Checks: Apart from the spelling, grammar, and terminology, the rule-based Language Check also validates the style of authored content. Predefined rule sets cover most application cases, and additional company-specific rules can be added as needed.
  • Authoring Memory: The Authoring Memory serves as a sentence repository, and displays all text segments that are similar to the authored text and were approved in the past. New sentences are included in the Authoring Memory after they are checked and approved. Congree Data Grooming can help to maintain and improve the quality of Authoring Memory.
  • Terminology Management: A connection to a terminology component enables access to a wide range of information on terminology hits. The terminology component in Congree delivers definitions and usage information on specialized terms – including preferred terms, admitted terms, and deprecated terms.

“Like no other company within our market, SDL offers a broadness of services and solutions all around language technology, combined with customers in a very wide range of different verticals,” says Congree CEO Stefan Kreckwitz. “With the professional and experienced international SDL team and the Congree Authoring Server, we are very enthusiastic about the opportunities this strategic partnership will offer to customers.”

Congree helps writers create great, consistent and compelling content by sharing writing guidance and feedback according to their company’s unique style, branding and terminology guidelines. The Congree Authoring Server can now be accessed through SDL Tridion – giving customers the ability to create, manage and deliver consistent, high-quality content, across all languages, for any digital channel.

“A big trend we’re seeing at the moment is that companies are looking for ways to standardize and optimize their language and content creation. It’s largely driven by the reality that large volumes of content are created by dozens of different authors and stakeholders within a company,” said Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules. “We’re excited to see both SDL and Congree come together in a way that will help brands ensure that their language and brand remains consistent, no matter who creates it.”

SDL Tridion offers organizations a knowledge hub and ‘single source of truth’ across all their content, providing the foundation for delivering next-generation digital experiences, intranets, self-service and support services. It enables businesses to run more efficiently, but also gain insights into consumption habits, consumer behavior, and other patterns that can identify and capitalize on to achieve higher revenues.

About Congree

Congree Language Technologies GmbH offers a software platform for content optimization. Congree help writers create great, consistent and compelling content. Linguistic intelligence provides writing guidance and feedback according to company unique style, branding and terminology guidelines. In addition, the Authoring Memory alerts writers to opportunities to reuse existing content instead of creating new, similar content. This saves time for your writers and can significantly reduce your translation costs. Congree seamlessly integrates and works within the most popular editors on the market, so there’s no need for writers to switch to a new environment. For more information, visit:

About SDL

SDL (LSE: SDL) is the intelligent language and content company. Our purpose is to enable global understanding, allowing organizations to communicate with their audiences worldwide, whatever the language, channel or touchpoint. We work with over 4,500 enterprise customers including 90 of the world’s top brands and the majority of the largest companies in our target sectors. We help our customers overcome their content challenges of volume, velocity, quality, fragmentation, compliance and understanding through our unique combination of language services, language technologies and content technologies.