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SDL Partners with DRUID to Power Multilingual Chatbot Conversations

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SDL (LSE: SDL), the intelligent language and content company, announces it has entered into a technical partnership with DRUID, specialists in conversational AI, to launch multi-lingual virtual assistants for enterprise organizations that enable real-time communication through chatbots.

By integrating SDL Machine Translation with DRUID virtual assistants, companies will be able to conduct chatbot conversations in different languages with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. The solution offers a real-time “interpreter mode” function, which can translate conversations along with “live chat” which can translate into multiple languages in real-time. This supports the need for customers to easily translate entire conversations as well as enable scenarios where an agent – human or virtual – needs to communicate across multiple languages simultaneously.

Chatbots are commonly configured to undergo complicated question-and-answering activities in different languages, but language-specific customization can be complex, time-consuming and costly. The issue becomes even more complex when a chatbot is connected to various data sources (ERP, CRM, BI, HRIS, or other types of business applications). However, with SDL Machine Translation, chatbots can converse in multiple languages without the need to translate data sources or conversational flows.

“Virtual communication channels present a new frontier of customer engagement. But the complexities involved are holding many businesses back,” said Thomas Labarthe, Chief Revenue Officer, SDL. “Our partnership with DRUID tackles this challenge head on – offering automated chatbot communication in 100+ languages.”

SDL Machine Translation provides the innovative neural machine (NMT2.0) foundation and the combined solution includes the ability to control brand voice with a brand-specific terminology dictionary that contains company-specific product names and unique terminology. This is machine learning solution uses anonymized chat logs for continuous language model improvement.

“Multinational enterprises are faced with the constant challenge of making their wealth of customer support information available to their employees, customers, and partners in different languages – including the most challenging: Russian, Spanish, German and Chinese,” said Daniel Bălăceanu, Product Management Director, DRUID. “Through our partnership with SDL, we can now solve this issue through intelligent virtual assistants, which work directly during a conversation, in almost any language.”

SDL Machine Translation is an enterprise-grade solution for those looking to apply the latest in neural machine translation to automatically translate content. With over 20 years of experience, SDL has used the latest advances in the field of artificial intelligence to create a solution that helps organizations break the language barriers for content-intensive processes securely, at scale.

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SDL (LSE: SDL) is the intelligent language and content company. Our purpose is to enable global understanding, allowing organizations to communicate with their audiences worldwide, whatever the language, channel or touchpoint. We work with over 4,500 enterprise customers including 90 of the world’s top brands and the majority of the largest companies in our target sectors. We help our customers overcome their content challenges of volume, velocity, quality, fragmentation, compliance and understanding through our unique combination of language services, language technologies and content technologies.

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DRUID ( is a company that develops smart virtual assistants for Enterprise-type organizations. Due to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to design and launch extremely smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes, industries. In less than one year after its launch, DRUID already has clients such as Banca Transilvania Raiffeisen Leasing, BRD Finance, BCR Leasing, Asirom, Provident, ProTV, Health Network REGINA MARIA, Servier, Carrefour, Profi, iStyle, Cărtureşti, DACRIS, or Dona Pharmacies.