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Sensibo, the Leading Smart HVAC Solution Provider, to Offer its Innovative Indoor Climate Tech in Major Retailers in the US

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Sensibo ( maker of smart HVAC solutions, launches the Sensibo Sky, a Do-It-Yourself smart air conditioner controller, across major retailers in the US.

“North America has been a great success for our Sensibo Sky through online channels. Today we are glad to announce that our products will also be available in major retailers throughout the US,” says Omer Enbar, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensibo. “As demand for smart heating and air conditioning rises, we continue to bring our energy saving technology to more distribution channels, including The Home Depot and Walmart, making Sensibo even more accessible to the North American market.”

The Sensibo Sky controller which is also available at, makes any existing room air conditioner or heat pump smart by connecting it to the internet and adding smart features such as: control from anywhere, unlimited 7-day scheduling, Climate React triggers based on temperature and humidity, and location-based operation. It also connects to your favorite voice assistant and supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts, and extends your home automation ability to the air conditioner as well.

The Sensibo Sky utilizes cloud computing that processes more than 500,000 HVAC actions a day. The Sensibo cloud analyzes and optimizes the energy usage of your air conditioner by using the temperature and humidity measurements gathered from the room environment. Sensibo’s algorithms have access to billions of daily climate measurements, the user’s actions and weather conditions. The result is an energy saving of up to 40%.

About Sensibo:

Sensibo is a provider of smart climate technology for homes and offices. Sensibo offers Do-It-Yourself products and also enterprise solutions for managing thousands of air conditioner units.

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