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Sharebite Redefines Office Lunch with Launch of Sharebite Stations, a Contactless Food Ordering Solution for the Post-COVID Era

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Sharebite (, the leading mission-driven food ordering platform built exclusively for workplaces, today announced the nationwide launch of Sharebite Stations, a streamlined, post-COVID compliant solution for facilitating contactless food delivery at offices. Each Station is powered by Sharebite’s enterprise-ready technology platform, enabling companies to centrally manage employee food ordering and facilitate contactless deliveries at designated drop-off points inside office buildings. Following an initial roll-out to select companies and buildings in New York City, Washington DC, and the Bay Area, Sharebite will be deploying Stations nationally over the coming months, with Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and other major cities being immediate targets for the company.

The launch of Sharebite Stations positions the company as the front-runner in the post-pandemic corporate food delivery space as organizations continue to seek out new solutions to keep their employees safe as they return to work. Sharebite Stations provide companies with a safe solution for offering food perks while providing employees with the added peace of mind of avoiding crowded elevators and restaurants during the lunch rush. Orders completed through Sharebite are individually packaged, labeled and placed in designated areas for each company within a building, creating a contactless solution for ordering lunch at work.

“We put the safety of our employees first. For those who have chosen to return to the office, Sharebite allows our employees a safe and convenient way to order their favorite meals while keeping costs down,” said Lisa Dimoulas of Neuberger Berman, a private, employee-owned asset management company.

Sharebite’s platform gives administrators the ability to easily manage food ordering and expense allocation for all levels of an organization. They can set and modify different budget groups and ordering privileges for users based on time of day, department, role, office location and more. With trays of catering and buffet style lineups no longer being a viable and safe option in a post-COVID world, office managers can create and manage group orders, a solution that batches all employee orders into a single delivery to a Sharebite Station at the office. Group orders can be customized to each company’s specific needs, and restaurants can be rotated on a daily basis, thanks to the multitude of options available through Sharebite’s extensive network of restaurant partners.

Co-founders Dilip Rao and Mohsin Memon have been growing Sharebite’s reach and influence within the corporate food ordering space, and have done so with a very important mission at the core of their business. Each order placed via Sharebite results in a donation made to City Harvest, specifically to help alleviate childhood hunger in local communities. By partnering with Sharebite, companies can easily support small businesses and society through simple transactions.

Over the last year, Sharebite has quietly grown its contractual business by over 400%, and has secured exclusive relationships with a majority of the top law firms in New York City, including Cravath, Sullivan & Cromwell, and Willkie Farr & Gallagher, along with many of the most prestigious investment banks, private equity & hedge funds, tech companies and real estate firms across the country. “With the addition of Sharebite Stations, we are now able to carry our vision and growth even further by extending the benefits of our platform to businesses of all types across the country,” says Mohsin Memon, President & COO of Sharebite.

“While 2020 has been challenging for many businesses, the pandemic gave us the opportunity to innovate and come up with solutions that really make a difference for our stakeholders. Sharebite’s technology enables companies to bring their employees back to the office in a safe, efficient and compliant manner, which results in a recurring flow of orders that allow restaurants to get back on their feet.” says Dilip Rao, CEO of Sharebite.

Sharebite’s restaurant network is primarily located within business districts and includes over 3,000 small business restaurants and popular quick-service concepts such as Dig, Chop’t, Dos Toros, Protein Bar & Kitchen, Mendocino Farms, Potbelly and many others. Faced with an ongoing economic depression, the restaurant industry has struggled with revenue loss due to the lack of dine-in customers and steep third-party delivery costs. By joining Sharebite’s network, restaurants are provided with easy access to the recovering office lunch market and are able to utilize their kitchen capacity to fulfill large orders well before the mid-day lunch rush. The economies of scale associated with preparing, packaging and delivering hundreds of orders in one batch, to one address, is highly attractive, logistically easier to manage, and more profitable for restaurants, who additionally prefer Sharebite’s commission structure compared to what other delivery platforms charge. As a mission-driven company, Sharebite made the decision to waive all commissions to restaurants for the first six months of the pandemic, so that it can help ease the financial burdens restaurants are facing due to COVID-19.

“Sharebite cares deeply about the success of its small business restaurant partners during this difficult time, as well as the safety of our corporate clients and delivery personnel,” said Paul Appelbaum, Co-founder and former President of Seamless and a lead Sharebite investor. “I’m very proud to support Sharebite and I look forward to seeing Stations adoption increase in companies throughout the country.”

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About Sharebite

Sharebite is a mission-driven food ordering platform built exclusively for workplaces. Companies that partner with Sharebite save money, inspire their workforce, support local restaurants, and commit to helping the community. Core to Sharebite’s mission is the belief that each and every stakeholder must benefit from the existence of Sharebite. Every order placed on our platform results in a donation made to alleviate childhood hunger in local communities, via its partnership with City Harvest. Sharebite’s restaurant partner network includes over 3,000+ merchants across the United States, which are all curated specifically for corporate clients.