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Shortcut Rises to Meet Unprecedented Demand for In-Home Haircuts as COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

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Shortcut, the company that provides on-demand hair care to consumers and corporations, announced its expansion plans to meet an unprecedented demand for one-on-one in-home haircutting services. Since nationwide reopening plans were put in place, Shortcut has delivered more than 3,000 in-home haircuts with heightened safety protocols to protect customers and Hair Pros as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Offering a simple solution to salon and barber shop health concerns and capacity limitations, Shortcut’s on-demand app connects consumers to the best Hair Pros in their city in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Prior to booking an appointment through Shortcut, consumers are able to select a local Pro based on their bio, reviews, and photos of past work. The company currently has more than 300 Hair Pros in 25 cities across the country providing in-home haircutting services.

“When the pandemic hit, something as routine as a haircut became a complete luxury,” said Shortcut Co-Founder and COO Will Newton. “Beyond the obvious health concerns, we expect capacity limitations and continued social distancing requirements will make it difficult for salons, stylists, and barbers to serve as many clients as they would like. The widespread lockdowns afforded us the time to increase our Hair Pro portfolio by more than 30% and institute best practices that enable our team to deliver haircuts while protecting their and their customers’ health.”

While all 50 states have lifted restrictions on personal care industries as part of regional reopening plans, 10 million Americans with compromised immune systems may be wary of returning to crowded salons. Shortcut’s corporate management team met with New York City healthcare professionals and epidemiologists to identify protocols that allow Hair Pros to deliver personal care services safely. Protocols employed by Shortcut Hair Pros while delivering services include:

➔ Completion of the company’s comprehensive health and safety training program

➔ Face masks worn by hair professionals and customers throughout all services

➔ Use of single-use capes and plastic gloves during each appointment; Discarded following the service

➔ Use of sanitizer and top-of-the-line tool disinfectants

➔ Hair Pros who exhibit symptoms of illness, including those associated with COVID-19, must wait at least seven days since the onset of symptoms and a minimum of three days following recovery before taking appointments, per CDC guidelines

“Scheduling a haircut with a Shortcut professional allows me to control the environment I expose myself and my family to,” said Gardenia Cucci, a Shortcut customer based in New York. “Instead of going to a crowded salon or waiting months for an appointment I can schedule a service in the comfort of my home, where I can personally ensure all hygienic measures are met and limit my family’s exposure to COVID-19.”

Amid the global pandemic’s stay-at-home orders, 65% of personal care professionals lost their jobs or know someone who has. “We needed to identify an avenue for delivering the hair care services our customers have missed, while still providing a steady revenue stream to the Hair Pros who depend on our platform,” said Co-Founder and CEO John Meurer.

In addition to heightened safety protocols, Shortcut has announced its plans to hire more than 100 barbers and hair stylists nationwide. Currently, Shortcut enables individual barbers and salon professionals to maximize their income – typically resulting in a 40% increase from what they see in barber shops and salons.

“I need to cut hair in order to make money. Using Shortcut allows me to connect with clients I wouldn’t have met outside of my shop while maximizing my earning potential,” said Los Angeles based Hair Pro, Pierre Johnson. “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue doing what I love with the help of a company that prioritizes the health and safety of its customers and employees.”

Shortcut is an easy-to-use hair care platform that connects people and businesses to the best Hair Pros in their city with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse – anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit:

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Shortcut revolutionizes the way consumers get their hair cut through their simple, on-demand business model that connects people and businesses to the best Hair Pros in their city – anytime, anywhere. To book, users can download the app or visit to browse barbers and stylists, and receive Shortcut’s in-home service from a five-star professional.