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Stats Perform’s Chief Scientist of Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Keynote at AI in Team Sports Conference

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Stats Perform, the revolutionary leader in sports AI and data, announced that Chief Scientist Dr. Patrick Lucey will deliver keynote remarks at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-20) Workshop in Team Sport in New York on Saturday, February 8.

Dr. Lucey’s presentation “Interactive Sports Analytics” will examine new ways to break down player or team performance using big data and AI software. The presentation will include examples of how coaches can draw up and search for specific plays and, using AI and Stats Perform’s decades of tracking and multi-agent trajectory data, simulate likely outcomes specific to a particular opponent and the players involved. In addition, Dr. Lucey will demonstrate the capabilities of new body-pose data made possible through Stats Perform’s state of the art AutoSTATS technology.

“We have reached an exciting moment in sports where coaches and analysts can now leverage big data and AI to generate advanced insights on play development and likely outcomes,” Dr. Lucey said. “Imagine a coach drawing up an X’s and O’s play, the same way he would on chalkboard, on an iPad and simulating likely outcomes based on different sets of offensive and defensive opponents in-play. Imagine then being able to search that play and find video of every time a near similar play was run. With AI and big data, we are already making that happen at Stats Perform and I can’t wait to meet and discuss this with the illustrious group of researchers at the AAAI Workshop.”

The AAAI Workshop in Team Sport is one of the leading conferences for AI in team sports with participation from some of the leading global research institutions. The 34th AAAI Conference will include a research paper and poster track.

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