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Streamline Healthcare Solutions and Harbor Present at MHCA’s Fall Conference in Atlanta

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Streamline Healthcare Solutions (Streamline) announced they will be collaborating with Harbor in a workshop at the upcoming MHCA annual fall conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The workshop Driving Staff Performance: Developing Balanced Performance Scorecards for Improved Outcomes will help attendees identify clear measurements for key performance indicators and accountability as well as develop a balanced scorecard to motivate staff and improve client outcomes. As agency funding becomes increasingly dependent on quality and having a clear return on investment, it’s imperative staff are equipped with the tools to accomplish their goals and perform effectively for overall better outcomes.

Katie Morrow, VP of Compliance at Streamline, and Sandy Hall, President of Lighthouse Telehealth, LLC collaborated on the topic as they have both implemented the balanced scorecard process and had much success with enhancing staff performance. Katie Morrow poses two important questions to consider, “How do you know staff are exceptional? How do you prove the value of your services?” She provides her valuable response, “A balanced scorecard gives organizations the measuring stick needed to prove these common stakeholder questions. Having the answers to these questions can really give you a competitive edge in the healthcare market.”

Sandy Hall commented how beneficial a balanced scorecard is and how “a balanced scorecard brings focus and accountability throughout an organization.” She describes that the “synergy created when implemented correctly, results in a positive workplace culture and improved outcomes.”

“We are excited to add such an important and beneficial topic to the MHCA agenda. Attendees will gain the tools to drive staff performance and improve outcomes that will ultimately enhance the organization’s overall goals.” Javed Husain, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Streamline Healthcare Solutions.

About MHCA

MHCA is a national association of high-performing behavioral healthcare organizations committed to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry by enhancing leadership and strategic connections among C-suite executives. This mission is accomplished through a variety of activities including quarterly conferences. For more information, visit

About Streamline

Streamline delivers web-based software for healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate specialized behavioral service delivery processes. Streamline’s SmartCare™ solution was developed to truly integrate all departments; moving them to a more holistic service model. Streamline’s software solutions are well suited for organizations who wish to have a system that can incorporate its entire business processes into a single solution, with the ability to continue to grow as business-lines needs evolve. Streamline has been offering software in the behavioral health marketplace since 2003.