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StrongBlock Launches a Build Your Own Blockchain Free Tier and Marketplace for Rapid Solutions Development

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StrongBlock (, a BaaS platform founded by four early technology executives from EOSIO-creator, today announced it has launched its platform and marketplace.

StrongBlock provides easy entry for anyone seeking to create blockchain-based solutions with a push-button platform and a marketplace of applications, services and node providers. StrongBlock enables anyone to launch a blockchain in minutes, with access to their own node – free of charge. Applications can then easily be scaled to fast, reliable and secure enterprise-grade blockchains.

“We built this platform for ourselves, so we could rapidly build blockchain solutions,” said David Moss, StrongBlock Founder and CEO. “We spoke with hundreds of companies, and found that their previous blockchain projects were unsuccessful due either to a lack of resources, or that the blockchain technology couldn’t scale. The StrongBlock platform solves both of these problems, so we’re excited to make it publicly available for everyone to use.”

The StrongBlock BaaS can be applied to any industry needing a blockchain solution, including logistics, supply chain, food safety, product provenance, construction, real estate, manufacturing, finance, and retail.

The StrongBlock BaaS Free Tier is available at as of October 1st, 2019. DApp developers, service providers, systems integrators and block producers can register and list their services at

About StrongBlock

StrongBlock creates blockchain products and managed services that can be used to rapidly create, launch and scale fully-functional, enterprise-grade applications, empowering everyone to focus their technology resources on solutions. For more information, please visit