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Swift Prepaid Solutions Becomes daVinci Payments™

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Swift Prepaid Solutions announced it is becoming daVinci Payments™. The company known for virtual and physical payments innovation around the world chose the new name to reflect its unique solutioning process and to avoid conflicts as it expands its services.

“Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized forward thinking with unprecedented achievements through the ‘da Vinci process,’” explained Rodney Mason, Chief Revenue Officer of daVinci Payments. “Like da Vinci, we combine creativity and analytics to innovate, disrupt and energize payment experiences around the world to bring greater value for all stakeholders.”

Moving forward as daVinci Payments, the company is accelerating its mission in leading the payments movement to greater value at the intersection of payments. These include disbursements with instant money movement, virtual and physical open loop cards delivered to 160 countries in 10 currencies, Brand Accelerator™ driving brand engagement through payment delivery, Digital Choice™ providing triggered payment options based on payment values and payee behaviors and Ready2Fund™ empowering users to fund and activate payments for single and bulk payments.

daVinci will also be regularly releasing proprietary quantitative insights that were previously used exclusively to develop new products, as part of the company’s new name and mission. The “How Gen Z and Millennials are Reshaping Brand and Workplace Incentives” Live Webcast, hosted by Incentive Magazine will be held on Tue., July 30, 2019 2:00 PM EDT. More information can be found on the new company website and on its social media platforms.

About daVinci Payments

daVinci Payments is leading the payments movement to greater value through high-impact brand connections at the intersection of the payment. daVinci optimizes fast corporate-funded payments to businesses, their employees, customers, contractors, participants and channel partners through virtual, digital and physical card payments in 160+ countries, 17 languages and 10 currencies. daVinci is owned by Syncapay, a holding company investing in the new frontier of payments.