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Synthio Introduces Contact Data Maintenance for Salesforce

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Synthio, the leader in contact data maintenance solutions for B2B companies, today announced the immediate availability of its Contact Data Management for Salesforce (CDM-SF) platform. CDM-SF continuously compares a customer’s Salesforce contact database against more than 160 million data records and automatically updates it with complete and correct information.

A company’s contact data is the lifeblood of its marketing and sales campaigns, its customer relationships, billing and invoicing, and supply chain. Therefore, current and correct data is essential to a company’s operations. Data hygiene – the regular and frequent correction of inaccurate or incomplete records – has long been a laborious and time-consuming task that can often introduce new errors.

Synthio solves this dilemma by connecting directly to a customer’s Salesforce database and automatically updating incorrect or incomplete records without requiring manual inspection and editing. Companies implementing CDM-SF are assured of a complete and correct database on which to build Account Based Marketing and demand generation programs, customer billing, and partner management.

“Historically, data maintenance has been expensive and burdensome, costing American companies upwards of 3 trillion dollars per year, according to a survey by IBM,” says Bill Curran, Synthio’s chief executive officer. “And bad contact data affects more than the bottom line. Synthio’s CDM-SF platform will give B2B companies the satisfaction of knowing that they have complete and correct data as the foundation for their mission critical programs.”

About Synthio

Leading global brands improve their prospecting performance and sales conversion rates by using Synthio’s contact data maintenance platform. With our data quality analysis and self-service functionalities, marketers can build, refresh, cleanse, and append data sets on the fly. The data is then continuously refined to ensure integrity. Even more, they appreciate that we follow the person, not the company. With Synthio, you know you’re constantly in contact with the right person, allowing you to reach your desired audience with the most effective message. Connect with Synthio online at Follow us on Twitter,