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Sysdig Agent Operator Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and Joins both and Red Hat Container Catalog

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Red Hat Summit 2019 — Sysdig, Inc., the cloud-native
visibility and security company, today announced that the Sysdig Agent
Operator has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and
has joined the Red Hat Container Catalog as well as By
releasing Operators designed to help DevOps more easily deploy and
configure Sysdig, the company has made it easier for enterprises new to
Kubernetes to get started with cloud-native visibility, security, and
forensics. Sysdig also announced that the Falco Operator has also joined, the repository for checked Operators launched by Red Hat
on Feb. 28, 2019, in collaboration with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Operators, designed to encode operational knowledge in software, are
created with the goal of simplifying and automating day-to-day
workflows, from deployment to managing configurations, upgrades, and any
other operations required to run cloud-based Kubernetes apps. The Sysdig
Operators were created using Operator Framework, an open source toolkit
from Red Hat and the Kubernetes Community that was designed to make it
easier to build Kubernetes native applications.

Greater scalability, agility, and productivity have led Kubernetes to
become a go-to framework for managing containers. However, enterprises
new to containerized environments often run into challenges selecting
the proper tooling for their new environment, as well as getting
configurations properly set. Operators have been created to make it
easier for enterprises to adopt Kubernetes environments by automating
certain processes.

“Our goal with both the Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and is to lower the barrier of entry to adopting Kubernetes
environments by creating a process along with a central location to find
Operators that go through a series of basic tests. Sysdig was one of the
companies to pledge support when we announced our Operator projects last
year. Given the company’s focus on making it easier for enterprises to
operate in the hybrid cloud, Sysdig Operators in the Operator Hub can
give end users an easier way to get started with Sysdig’s visibility,
security, and forensics technologies,” said Julio Tapia, director, Cloud
Platforms Partner Ecosystem at Red Hat.

Benefits of Sysdig Agent Operator

  • An easier deployment experience: The Sysdig Agent Operator is
    designed to reduce the amount of time spent deploying Sysdig by
    automating the installation of the Sysdig agent and upgrades.
  • Peace of mind and support: Enterprises can download the Red Hat
    OpenShift Certified Sysdig Agent Operator from the Red Hat Container
    Catalog, a third-party registry managed and supported by Red Hat, with
    greater peace of mind knowing the Operator is certified and comes with
    enterprise support.
  • Simplified configuration management: The Sysdig Operator
    facilitates configuration of the Sysdig agent, designed to reduce the
    amount of time spent setting policy configurations.

“Accelerating the transition to Kubernetes environments has been a goal
of ours from the beginning, which is why we combined security,
monitoring, and forensics into one platform for easier management and
adoption. By creating our Operators and automating certain processes, we
hope to make it easier for enterprises to bring visibility and security
to their Kubernetes environments,” said Loris Degioanni, founder and
chief technology officer at Sysdig.

Sysdig pioneered the industry’s first platform that unifies cloud-native
visibility, security, and forensics. The technology collects granular
data in real time and then uses an innovative approach to enriching data
with the extensive and rich context that is needed in the cloud-native
world and at scale. The Sysdig approach starts with an open source core:
leveraging well-known Cloud Native Computing Foundation® projects such
as Falco and Prometheus, combined with Sysdig’s original eponymous
project, the platform provides open source with enterprise management,
security, and support. By leveraging the Sysdig platform, enterprises
see up to three times faster transformation to cloud-native, a 67
percent increase in DevOps efficiency, and a 95 percent reduction in
risk. The new Operators by Sysdig are focused on making it easier for
enterprises to get started with Sysdig.


Both the Sysdig
Agent Operator
and Falco Operator will be available for free on Additionally, the Red Hat OpenShift certified Sysdig
Agent Operator can now be found on the Red
Hat Container Catalog

2019 Red Hat Summit Boston

Sysdig will be at the Red Hat Summit Boston booth #531, May 7-9.

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Sysdig is the cloud-native visibility and security company. Our data
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dynamic modern architectures, allowing them to see the benefits of
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other IT professionals. The Sysdig cloud-native visibility and security
platform allows DevOps, security professionals, and service owners to
get context-rich information to dig deeper into their containerized
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