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TalentSeer Releases 2020 AI Talent Report

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TalentSeer, the fastest-growing AI talent partner in the United States, has released its 2020 AI Talent Report. The report discusses the AI talent landscape from 2019, upcoming market trends for 2020, and recommendations to both AI talent leaders and job seekers. The findings are created from TalentSeer’s extensive engagement with 500 AI companies and 15,000 specialized AI talent.

“AI is expected to add tremendous value to the global economy in the next 10 years, and talent is the core driver of the thriving AI ecosystem,” said Alex Ren, founder of TalentSeer and, and Managing Partner of BoomingStar Ventures. “With this report, we hope to help all players in the AI industry to better understand the talent dynamics and work together to tackle the challenges.”

Based on an analysis of 1000 voluntarily reported AI engineering job offers in Silicon Valley, this report evaluates compensation packages across companies of various growth stages. It reveals that growing-stage startups offer the highest average base salary of around $200K, with a total offer package comparable to tech giants. Early-stage startups often provide significant share options, and companies in non-tech industries can provide a bonus up to 50% of the base salary to compensate for limited stocks.

As AI technologies continue to mature in 2020, the report predicts a rising demand for talent that directly builds, manages, and sells AI products. The talent growth is also expanding into non-tech industries (e.g., finance, healthcare, retail, and agriculture) and alternative tech hubs beyond Silicon Valley. AI talent leaders will increasingly look for strong non-technical skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, growth mindset, resilience to ambiguity, and collaboration to drive AI innovations. Job seekers transitioning into the AI industry will need to think creatively about gaining real-world experience to become competitive.

“This report has been built on TalentSeer’s strong domain expertise and in-depth involvement in the AI talent ecosystem,” said Margaret Laffan, VP of business development at TalentSeer. “Our aim is to share the much-needed market insights with both talent leaders and job seekers, allowing them to make informed hiring and career decisions in this competitive environment.”

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