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Tallo and Yello Partner to Virtually Connect Over a Million Students and Hundreds of Companies

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Tallo, the nation’s leading workforce connection platform, has partnered with Yello, the nation’s leader in early talent acquisition software, to create the Yello Sourcing Marketplace — a first-of-its-kind virtual network connecting millions of early talent candidates to leading employers. Over one million students and early-career professionals use Tallo to create digital profiles and showcase their skills, accomplishments, and goals. Companies, colleges, and governmental entities work with Tallo to strengthen their diversity and inclusion programs, strategically micro-target and connect with talent, and build their future workforce pipeline. The partnership between Tallo and Yello is removing traditional boundaries between hard-to-reach or underserved early-career candidates and their future employers by increasing access to virtual career connections.

Tallo is an online connection platform that has created a community of qualified talent candidates, all looking to connect with opportunities from college programs and scholarships to apprenticeships and fulltime jobs. Yello’s talent acquisition software creates “frictionless recruiting” by providing recruiters with services like interview scheduling and candidate evaluations all in one centralized platform. Through this new partnership, Tallo’s community of young talent users will be able to connect with Yello’s corporate clients in addition to Tallo’s existing employer partners, and Yello’s employer partners will be able to interact with and engage Tallo’s diverse talent pool earlier than ever.

“At Tallo, we focus on ‘quality over quantity’ connections by working with talent seekers to micro-target our diverse community of candidates,” said Casey Welch, CEO and Co-founder of Tallo. “We’re excited to better serve both our talent and partners by partnering with Yello and leveraging their highly-efficient solutions for the operational side of recruitment.”

“The new Yello Sourcing Marketplace is an innovative approach to help employers connect with candidates in a new era of early talent recruiting,” said Yello co-founder Dan Bartfield. “Tallo’s unique candidate engagement and pipeline development tools were a perfect fit to help our clients expand their pool and nurture talent as they navigate an unprecedented recruiting environment.”

In a tight job market when national unemployment is more than twice as high as it was last year, this partnership will help students and young professionals make the connections they need to enter into the workforce (Yello works with approximately 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies). Similarly, it will provide employers with data-driven virtual recruiting methods to connect with a diverse, nationwide talent pool of early-career candidates (over 25% of Tallo’s one million+ users identify as Black and/or Hispanic/Latino, and 52% are female).

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About Tallo:

Tallo’s virtual workforce platform provides a means for talent and talent seekers to overcome traditional geographic and socioeconomic boundaries and assists in the development, retention, reskilling, and attraction of talent. Tallo provides the only end-to-end workforce talent solution based on an approach of combining science, data analytics, and digital technology. Over one million Tallo users showcase their skills and accomplishments, connect with post-secondary institutions and companies, and have access to customized career pathways and financial assistance guidance. Tallo users represent more than 27,000 high schools, 4,000 colleges, hundreds of companies, and governmental entities. Tallo also serves a diverse community of users, including nearly 275,000 Black and Latino/Hispanic students and young professionals. For more information about Tallo, visit

About Yello:

Yello’s early talent acquisition platform allows the world’s leading brands to deliver personalized candidate experiences to every job seeker, resulting in quality hires and faster fills. The centralized platform is easy to use, enabling recruiters to collaborate with one another to attract and engage top talent. Key hiring statistics provide meaningful insights that lead to more accurate, data-driven decisions while staying on budget. For more information about Yello, visit